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The Second Cultural Revolution

Cultural revolution

China 1966: A Maoist instigated Cultural Revolution takes hold of China. Young people and radical communists start rioting in the streets. This revolution aimed to destroy the “Four Olds”, old customs, old culture, old habits and old habits. It was time for the “Four News”, this was achieved by changing names of streets, ransacking homes, vandalizing cultural treasures and desecrating temples. While these rioters eventually achieved their goals, many lives got lost and traditional Chinese culture and customs suffered a devastating blow of which it never recovered. Communists rioting in the streets trying to destroy our ancient culture and customs. To many living in western Europe, this should sound familiar. The parallels between what happened then and what is happening now are to be watched closely. 

Cultural Revolution
Coming soon? Religious statues burned because they are not gender-neutral and black.

Why statues, street signs and cultural heritage matter
The toppling of a statue is not just an act of hatred or defamation against a person in the past. It is part of a communist agenda to rewrite history to be more politically correct, to adhere the past to the current party line. The idea that at one point in time, people had other heroes, thought differently and had traditional values? This is unacceptable to our radical countrymen. Out with the old, in with the new. They destroy our past to disconnect us from it. If you give them a free reign, they will erase everything from the past they find unacceptable.

In Maoist China, they succeeded in erasing nearly everything to assure that the radical oligarchy had absolute power over the millions of workers. Identity and traditional concepts just get in the way of this.  

Cultural Revolution
Coming soon? Jesus not popular with communists due to him not being gender-neutral, gay or black.

Why the riots are an essential part of the Cultural Revolution
During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, a central directive was issued to stop police intervention against the rioters. This is a key moment which sees a parallel in the west. Lock-down orders, social distancing or any police protection of businesses disappeared all of a sudden. Your government is on the side of the rioters. The communists can more or less act with impunity, the state-controlled media and the globalist media quickly chose the side of the rioters. You only hear how the riots in the streets are just, how those who oppose them are evil. Violence will be inflicted against those brave enough to stage a counter-protest, by the communists or even by the police. Laws usually strictly enforced against right-wingers seem to be non-existent when the communists burn businesses, attack the innocent or make violent threats. 


Cultural Revolution
Coming soon? Rioters engaging in street justice during the first Cultural Revolution

Why the narrative in the media matters
Like in China, the media covers for the rioters in the streets, their crimes are either not reported or worse, are re-framed in the media as acts of peaceful protest. The tearing down of a statue? Well, the statue was of another white man so why bother framing it as something bad. Looting of stores is bad? No, the journalist tells us this is an act of desperation by poverty-stricken people who are outraged by racism. The man who flies a banner saying “white lives matter”  becomes so demonized by the media that he had to lose his job.  He is clearly a counter-revolutionary racist, there is no place for people like him in our glorious communist paradise. The journalist who took glee in telling you that every protest against the lock-down would worsen the corona crisis? She now tells us health care specialists say racism is worse and we should go out on the streets. The masses are exposed to these political correct communist narratives every day, dissent to the party line is either mocked or vilified. 

Coming soon? Spontaneous large posters appear praising the revolution. State media assures me this is not propaganda but reflects the sentiment across all the people in the nation. If I disagree I must report at my local police station ASAP.

Why this all matters
So the media, like your government and the police facilitate a new cultural revolution. Everyone is on board, you might as well join in too. You don’t want to be attacked in the street or say something naughty and lose your job. The fact of the matter is, if we just allow our government to let the communists riot in this way. The damage to our countries, people and culture will be enormous. We will lose things that we cannot take back easily. The communists are replaying their old playbook brushed up with some new slogans. Tell me, what are you going to do?

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