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Facebook declares war on Black Pete

Black Pete

Since this week, Facebook & Instagram have made it possible for people to flag pictures of Black Pete for removal. For our non-Dutch readers; Black Pete is a blackface tradition that has been around for a long time in the Netherlands. Every December, we have the Sinterklaas celebration. In this tradition, a Catholic saint comes by to deliver gifts to the children that haven’t been naughty during the year. Sinterklaas has helpers, lads in blackface that give out candy and crack jokes or act silly. This tradition is the Dutch equivalent of Santa.

Why must we change?
Everyone was very happy with our Black Pete & Sinterklaas tradition, then diversity reared its ugly head. New black immigrants were not happy with Dutch people having fun in blackface. They think it is racist and want it gone. Since most of them don’t work, they have become professional protesters, even daring to hold disgusting aggressive protests during children festivities.  The United Nations has urged the Dutch to change Black Pete as well. With the change in Facebooks & Instagrams policy, foreigners can now report Dutch people who post pictures of their traditional festivities.

What will happen now?
Due to blacks holding aggressive protests against Black Pete and working together with Jewish owned companies like Facebook and Instagram, Black Pete is being slowly replaced. Many local municipalities run by cowardly boomers or communists have already told people organizing festivities that Black Pete is not welcome anymore. 

We have already written about the war against Black Pete, this is not the end of the story. The inclusiveness and diversity crowd has already found a new target, how dare they portray Sinterklaas as a Catholic Saint? The cross must be removed from all festivities too. Christianity is not inclusive to the droves of LGBTQP and Muslim immigrants we allow into our country.

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