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Victory on Leith Walk?

£50 million development plan for Leith Walk rejected by the local council. Has the local community been placed first for a change?

Leith Walk, situated in Edinburgh Scotland, is one of the longest streets within the historic city. The street is home to many independent businesses and local flats. While, it might not be the most luxurious of all streets, there is a local community feel to the area.

Leith Walk (The section up for demolition)

There was a threat to the old street when developers with much capital were planning on doing a £50 million development to the area. The Drum Property Group were intent on demolishing a long building with many independent shops in order to make way for a new development of a hotel, a student accommodation building and for new shops and restaurants, which most likely will have been owned by large corporate brands.

There was resitance to the plan formed by the community group called ‘Save Leith Walk’, formed as an opposition to the development plans being introduced onto Leith Walk. They have also come up with an alternative where they would propose how they could improve the existing buildings instead of demolishing them and replacing them.

Save Leith Walk, local campaigners fight for their community

The councillors have had a meeting with the developers and have unaminously decided to reject the plan with the pressure from the local community and with their knowledge that they are in fact there to serve the local community and not large corporation empires. Lewis Ritchie, an Independent Councillor on Leith Walk, has stated that the plans
were “charmless and bland”, “devoid of character” and “incoherent and ineffective”.

This can be considered a victory in the meantime for the local community. But there are many plans from the establishment elite who are backed up with large amounts of money to bribe local councillors into accepting their demands. In order to have nationalism it is important that the local community needs are put first before other interests.

Will this small victory last before the developers find a loop-hole to implement their plans or can it be an inspiration for even bigger things. Will the elite continue to face more opposition from the locals, especially how they intent to double Edinburgh’s population in the next 25 years and of course the increase will come from immigration.

Considering how it is white people who have formed the group to rebel against what is being done to their community, they do seem to be an inconvenience to the champagne socialists.

About the campaign

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