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Scottish Court Allows Paedophile, Christopher Daniel, To Walk Free

18 Year old Christopher Daniel, from Glasgow has been allowed to walk free from court after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a 6 year old girl.

Daniel, who was aged between 15-17 over the 2 year period of abuse was found guilty after a three day trial. However, after an “exceptional report” by Sheriff Gerard Sinclair, the sex offender will not be put into any register, serve a sentence and the Guilty verdict will not be recorded. Essentially, the whole ordeal will be wiped from records.

The exceptional circumstance has not been revealed and the family of the 6 year old (now 8) have spoken out against the decision after making their daughter recount her ordeal.

Sheriff Gerard Sinclair, who previously appeared in the news after flashing in his kilt made the decision to absolve Christopher Daniel of responsibility. People are questioning whether there is is a connection and with Daniel being allowed to walk free, there is a possibility of the public recognising the Dental student and this causing obvious problems.

The family are looking to speak with the courts to establish the reasons clearly why he has not been sentenced after being denied seeing the report by Gerard Sinclair

Sheriff Gerard Sinclair, who let the sex offender go free

Scotland, which acts heavily upon hate crimes and recently rejected an appeal by Marcus Meechan (known as Count Dankula) seriously needs to get its priorities in tact. Allowing Paedophiles who have been found guilty to walk free but threatening prison for words & jokes, the Scottish legal system is beginning to look even more of a joke than the English & Welsh.

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