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Enemies of Europeans Gather Their Forces

Immigrants in Europe unite against native Europeans as a ‘Pan-European’ anti-racism group.

A left wing group called ‘No Pasaran’ had organised a conference in London over the first weekend in March. For this conference, they decided to gather left wing socialists from across Europe. These included people of immigrant descent taking position as Members of Parliament as well as other radical left wing MPs and activists.

Speakers to the conference were Diane Abbott, Daniele Obomo, Salma Yaqoob and Tariq Ali. The ‘progressive’ forces have gathered in order what they believe is the rise of the ‘far-right’ across Europe. They fear at the following European elections that the nationalists could come to power.

European citizens will be voting for right wing parties in subsequent elections. There is a variety of reasons which include the effects of mass immigration used to destroy European identity, the high rates of taxation to provide welfare to third world migrants and the discrimination that native Europeans face in their own countries by their governments.

These Non-Europeans who are active in European politics do have a homeland of their own where all people like them are the politicians. Somehow their mentality seems to be anti-white where it means that they want to usurp the Europeans in their countries and essentially take over.

The European Union Elections will be taking place in May. The future of Europe will go in two directions. It will be between the Left and Nationalists and both sides will be gathering their sides from across Europe. Will Native Europeans be able to reclaim what is rightfully theirs or will the European continent lead into chaos.

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