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What Society Needs To Know About Brexit

Negotiation after negotiation, meeting after meeting, the discussion about Brexit has been filling the minds of the world society with the 12th of April coming soon and the United Kingdom looking to remain in the European Union. What happened since the referendum results? Why has the House of Commons voted to suspend the official Brexit date? Questions of evident answers.

Open border policies, fishing quotas, the working class crisis, the abandonment of the countrified British population, the loss of national sovereignty, etc. Numerous are the reasons that explain the results of the 2016 referendum but that is not what is important at the moment. The country that fought twice in a century for the triumph of democracy over dictatorship is now in a political and institutional chaotic scenario where popular power and the equality of juridical powers seem to be at risk. In other words, democracy is failing in Britain… Or, perhaps, democracy may be revealing one of its imperfections… Once Winston Churchill said democracy is the worst form of government and possibly, after these tedious Brexit “negotiations”, we could say that he was not incorrect at all.

It seems to be proved that the British electorate, that went to the polls, were nothing more than toys, such as the deputies in the parliament reveal to be puppets of bigger interests that keep, juridically, the name “democracy” as the type of regime that rules the United Kingdom in order to integrate what seems to be a globalized market where the individualism of the transnational and entrepreneur classes own the common citizens and workers. Being that Great Britain is one of the most reputed nations that affirms itself in the world, in all sectors and levels, Brexit may represent the scream of joy and help of the common British people, ignored by their political elite, but it certainly does not demonstrate good-looking profits and achievements by those who sit in their gold chairs in the skyscrapers of London and to those who make the stock markets their homes.

But what did we expect? The British people also have guilt on the theatre “Brexit”. Electing Theresa May, who constantly fought against the Brexit ideals, as the “commander” to negotiate the deals and to prosecute the output of the UK from the EU, does not seem to be a wise decision, after all. The Conservative Party is nothing more than a globalist marionette who serves the big economic groups that, occasionally, dresses itself up as the representative of British patriotism… And yet, “Brexiteers” have been betrayed by these group of men that proudly “conserve” their green-grades in their banks and laugh at those who wake-up early to sustain the economy and to elapse the development and well being of the UK’s society. But since we are talking about those who reject Brexit as a political objective, we might as well talk about the Labour Party… Or the ironical party as I call it!


A political party that proudly sustains the labour motto and that is said to defend the working class but, incomprehensibly, warily defends the remaining of the United Kingdom in the EU institutions and the EU common market… The output that would represent the preservation and protection of the fisherman, of the industry working class and the farmers, is rejected by an institution that once strived for these people… How ridiculous can the politics of Britain be? Wasn’t it the Labour Party that once denounced the abuses of capitalism on the British workers? Wasn’t it the Labour Party that once warned about certain impacts the common market caused on British workers? Well, the truth is only one at the moment! This institution, denominated “Labour Party”, is now trying to avoid at all costs the output of the UK and it even defends the existence of a new referendum, alleging that British minds are now different about the Brexit idea… A total contempt about the people’s choice and interest and a profound disrespect on democracy, in my opinion.


Nevertheless, let us be fair and appoint to what has to be said. Having in consideration the modern times, possessed by a political correctness order that dominates the developed world, if it is the divorce of the UK from the EU, that British citizens decided, then why haven’t they chosen someone that defends, honestly, the interests of the British and the Great Britain and is, with no doubts, a supporter of Brexit?

I’m not a fan of UKIP as it doesn’t represent my ideas and ideologies but, having in consideration the scam and clownery that the negotiations of Brexit have become, who else is better to settle some order in the UK politics and, effectively, correspond the decision of the people into action?


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