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Opinion » Syrian Refugee Was Not Racially Attacked, Police Determine
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Syrian Refugee Was Not Racially Attacked, Police Determine


Police have found there is insufficient evidence the playground attack on a Syrian refugee was racially motivated. Following a review of the evidence and further questioning, there was no sign of it being racially motivated. The schoolboy responsible was given a caution for assault.

Syrian schoolboy Jamal hit the headlines in October 2018 after a video emerged of him being pushed over and having a small amount of water poured on him. Social media & news channels were quick to comment on the playground fight calling it racist and saying he was waterboarded (he wasn’t). Since then, a crowdfund arranged for Jamal reached in excess of £100,00 from people who were told it was a racist attack.

The schoolboy responsible, who at the time said it was not racially motivated and was just a disagreement has since had to move houses following threats to him & his family. He became the subject of vile abuse online after the video went viral.

He also spoke with MEP candidate Tommy Robinson, who himself is being sued over comments made during the period after the footage emerged. The lawyer acting on behalf of Jamal for the action against Robinson, Mohammed Akunjee, is being investigated by Solicitors Regulation Authority for improper practices relating to the summons.



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