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Opinion » Qatar and Petrodollars: How Radical Islamists Took Over the EU

Qatar and Petrodollars: How Radical Islamists Took Over the EU


Article by our guest writer in Egypt, Sherif.

Radical Islamists creeping into Europe is nothing new. It all started in the 1950s, with the swift rise of Baathism, communism and Secular nationalism in the Middle East. In 1954, the Radical Islamist group, Muslim Brotherhood, attempted to assassinate the Egyptian President at the time. This led to Egypt violently clashing with Islamists, and a hard wave of crackdown started. This eventually led to a wave of escapes of prominent Muslim Brotherhood figures to Europe. A second wave will be triggered as well after the harsh crackdown and mass arrests in Syria, together with the event that took place in 1982 known as the Hama Massacre.

They will settle in different areas in Europe. They started with migrating to specific cities that acted as logistical linchpins in case they decide to move and expand their activity to other parts of Europe in a short time. It was post World War 2 and Europe was busy with the emerging Cold War. The Muslim Brotherhood figures will settle in Munich at first. They relied heavily on illegal migration to move between various countries. How did they go from being migrants with nothing, to a massive political power that controls the EU?

One Middle Eastern country has been a key funder of the group’s rise to power in Europe. Furthermore, a lot of donations and front companies were used. I will start to mention a couple of these companies. Banks will also be mentioned. Al Taqwa Bank, which had its assets frozen from 1988 to 2011, was reported by DIGOS in 1996 to be handling financing for a number of Arab and Islamic political and militant groups. These included the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria (GIA), as well as former Afghan mujahedin (guerrilla fighters in Islamic countries) in bin Laden’s camps. Various other front companies existed and still exist today. The Muslim Association of Britain, GID in Germany, LMB in Belgium and UCOII in Italy.

Why did Qatar fund the Muslim Brotherhood? It all started when Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa removed his father in a bloodless coup and made himself king of the tiny emirate. This coup took place in 1995. When Hamad took power, he was very ambitious. He decided that Qatar as a nation shouldn’t be a country that follows Saudi interests in the region as KSA and Egypt were the de facto leaders of the Middle East at that time. He decided that Qatar should fight KSA over influence. He wanted Qatar to have its own influence, diplomatic power and the ability to manipulate the populations of Middle Eastern states.

His first move in bringing forth Qatari influence was the establishment of the Al Jazeera news channel in 1996. Since then, Al Jazeera has been hosting vocal opposition members of various countries in the Middle East, most of whom happen to be supporters of terrorism. One of the infamous people they hosted was Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is still taking refuge in Qatar till this very moment. Al-Qaradawi had on more than one separate occasion give fatwas that supported terrorists and approved their actions to the dismay of Islamic scholars that vilified Islamist movements. Before Qatar stepped in to support all these Islamists globally and in Europe, the Islamist groups relied on donors that donated sums of money from all around the globe. The massive increase in their influence only started when Qatar started pumping billions of dollars into shady bank accounts and institutes. These groups now officially together formed the Muslim Brotherhood, and they no longer relied on small donations since they became state sponsored.

One of the plans was that these Islamist groups must gain the favouritism of Maghreb based immigrants in France and Belgium. Hence, these institutes mentioned before were opened and started recruiting and radicalising Maghreb diaspora in these countries. The Muslim Brotherhood continued their slow increase in influence all over the globe reaching peak power in 2013. In 2013, they had a Qatari backed lobby in the US, and massive amounts of money were poured by Qatar into the bank accounts of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. They Controlled Regimes in Malaysia, Turkey, Sudan and Egypt. Their “freedom fighters” in Syria were directly funded and trained by the CIA. Note that until this very moment, despite several tries, Donald Trump has tried to classify the Muslim Brotherhood and their US arm known as CAIR as a terrorist group, but has failed. Qatar has been doing this for all this time. Why has nobody stopped Qatar?

The answer is simple. Qatar controls the EU, and it controls administrations and large companies through massive investments and purchases. A lot of charity and political agenda groups like the ones mentioned above have been funded by Qatar charities. According to reports from past year, Qatari investments in Europe are reaching a new high. EU and European companies would take massive amounts of investments from Qatar in exchange of turning a blind eye to these radical Islamist groups, charities and their hostile takeover on Europe.

Let us start with the UK. Qatar has already invested £40bn in the UK. It owns Harrods and a 95% stake in the Shard in London. It also has a stake in Canary Wharf in the capital’s Docklands, as well as an interest in the Milford Haven liquefied natural gas terminal in South Wales. It also bought the Olympic Village following the London 2012 Olympics. Currently the UK is the first investment destination and it is the largest investment destination for Qatari investors, both public and private. Qatari investments amount to £35bn to £40bn in the UK. An additional £5bn of investment in the next three to five years was announced. Plus, not only has Qatar become the largest supplier of liquefied natural gas to Britain, but over the last year, Britain’s imports of Qatari’s liquefied natural gas constituted 85% of Britain’s imports.

It’s very obvious that while the Tories have a hard time winning votes in the UK, they don’t have any hard time doing campaigns. Whether it’s with Theresa May or David Cameron, Qatar’s influence over the UK is permanent. It should also be very obvious seeing as though the UK’s foreign policy has aligned with Qatar perfectly over the past few years. Together with the massive buying spree of the typhon jets, Qatar agreed with the UK to order 24 Eurofighters from BAE systems.

Another thing that you might have forgot is that Philip May, husband of the former UK prime minister, works for a company that is the largest shareholder in arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, whose share price has soared since the last airstrikes in Syria.

Qatar’s Control on the EU is even stronger. France is currently the second destination for public and private Qatari investments, which amounts to more than $22bn. Together with the massive weapons purchases Qatar made with France, the fresh Rafale order was worth €1.1 billion (U.S. $1.3 billion), as it was reported. Qatar also signed for an option for a further 36 of the twin-jet fighters. Furthermore, Qatar will make 10 billion euro ($11.64 billion) of direct investments into Germany in the next five years. According to the German Minister of Economy and Finance, Brigitte Zebrais, Germany wishes to see more Qatari investments in the country.

Qatari news media outlets have opposed any rhetoric that pushes for attacking these radical Islamists. It also attacked any rhetoric that supports nationalism in Europe and the US. In addition, Qatar owns stocks in The Huffington Post, The Washington Post and the BBC.

The Arabic versions of Deutsche Welle, BBC and The Independent runs the website which is known for its radical Islamist stances. Not only that, the English version of Al Jazeera and its sister branch the AJ+ have proved to oppose any nationalistic rhetoric in the West vehemently. Not only that, these two media outlets have managed to support and lobby for the two notorious democratic congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

The US has got its share of Qatari investments, as well and Lobbying. Not only does Qatar host the largest military base in the middle east, Al-Udeid Airbase, Qatar has bi partisan support in the US congress. You might have not heard of that scandal, and I can’t blame you, because it got zero coverage.

Six Democrats, most with key chairmanships of interest to Qatar, accepted a trip paid by the wealthy oil nation’s government. This included one congressman on the Intelligence Committee, who did not disclose the trips on mandatory ethics forms. According to Buzzfeed, Democratic Reps. Donald Norcross of New Jersey and Jim Himes of Connecticut did not report taking the trip to Doha, Qatar, on their mandatory disclosure forms.

There were several reports that Qatar has funnelled money to the Democratic party. In summer of 2018, congressman-turned-lobbyist Jim Moran was trying to recruit his former colleagues to put pressure on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moran was doing so on behalf of one of his clients, the government of Qatar. Throughout June and July, Moran contacted House and Senate members of both parties as part of the effort. One of the congressmen Moran pitched to was Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) and when Crist obliged, a month later, Moran wrote a $1,000 check to Crist’s re-election campaign.

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