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Opinion » Protesting Abortion: On a Wing and a Pray

Protesting Abortion: On a Wing and a Pray


Protesting Abortion: On a Wing and a Pray. Article by guest writer: Thomas A. Anderson.


In the USA,  anti-abortion activists are quite a fundamental bunch and have injured and killed a number of nurses and doctors over the last twenty years. However, the British seem more reserved in regard to demonstrating their disquiet as in the recent case of Christian Hacking. The 29-year-old disabled man, possibly driven by his Christian faith and moral objectivity, decided one day to stand close to Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Ealing, London and simply pray for the lost souls, living, dead and on their way to being dead. According to reports, he was not causing a breach of the peace nor shouting obscenities and was accompanied by one friend.

However, before you could say “Open Sesame”, the PC brigade, the official ones in uniforms formally known as the boys in blue, swept the physically disadvantaged Mr Hacking off his feet, into the back of the van and down to the station for prosecution.

The existential ethics behind abortion is not in question in this piece, although the testimony of Dr Anthony Levatino, an ex-abortion specialist is gruesome and macabre. His tales of crushing a full-grown babies head could be taken straight out of an Edgar Allen Poe gothic short story.

The questions that do arise are why was a disabled man arrested for praying in public when certain factions of the UK population do the same act on a regular basis (every Friday for instance) with no backlash from Her Majesty’s police force? And secondly, why would Marie Stopes abortion clinic push through a buffer zone mandate which in effect restricts the public from encroaching on the abortion clinic? Furthermore, the mandate in effect gives the clinic a privileged status that most historical English building no not possess.

To kill two birds with one stone, the answer is quite simply the long dark march towards an ultra-left socialist dysphoria supported by many institutions including the police, ecclesiastical, medical and educational institutions. The police throughout Europe seemingly have a deep entrenched fear of their Muslim citizens. They find a myriad of excuses not to act when they openly pray at Speakers Corner in London or in a Royal park or on the streets of Paris or when The Adhan, a call to pray, is illegally blasted on loudspeakers in Berlin.

The Islamic justification for street prayer is blamed on a forgetful mind and thus the need to stop quickly for a quick pray en mass in the busiest street possible. If that piece of deceit doesn’t fly, then the other reason is to meet and rejoice. I thought that was the reason why over 500 churches have been destroyed and 500 mosques have been built in London, to meet and rejoice. The happy-clappy religion of peace does not seem satisfied however with the huge amount of territory they have been afforded in Christian countries hence more rejoicing and meeting in the street will be observed more and more in the future.

The naivety and innocence of the West may contribute to its own downfall as the reasons for street prayer are clearly more divisive. It’s an act of defiance, a takeover of public territory and a show of presence power against their host nation and a complete lack of regard for European and British rule, regulations, customs and traditions.

Similarly, the recent law to protect abortion clinics is also a defiant move by the pro-abortionists to override the publics rights of movement and highlights the lobbies strength and substantial degree of power they wield over the judicial system.

On a happier note, Mr Hacking, our disabled anti-abortion warrior was due in court on the 5th November but, due to pressure from Christian Legal Centre all charges were dropped by the CPS.

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