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Will of the European Peoples, Arise!

Will of the people

Across the continent, from the west to the east, from the south to the north. Populism or ‘the will of the people’ is catching on. The reasons for this are simple but many, they are also pivotal to our time and the answers with which we come up with to the questions with which we are confronted, will shape the future of our shared European civilisation, for centuries to come.

A revitalisation of the European Man is necessary. It is essential for our survival.

Integration vs Sovereignty

As of now, in Europe, there are two blocs. The central and eastern European states are entrenched in a war of words with the Franco-German coalition in the west. Much of European political policy is dictated by these two states, and naturally many interests often collide.

While both France and Germany call for further integration, much of the EU, with the biggest and most famous example being Brexit, argue for national sovereignty. The reasons for this, sadly, come down to money. Cheap labour is profitable. German and French Industry sees in the migrants from North Africa and the Middle East just that. What they do not care about is the cultural and genetic destruction that these people bring with them.

Greed has blinded the European elite to the point where they are happy to destroy a Nation and its Culture, the most heinous of crimes, for what? Money? More pixels on a digital account, more zeroes to satisfy a hunger that is insatiable? For that our elite would wipe us out, though they would survive, and have a slave-like population to rule over. Dystopian.

the will of the people
It is up to us to protect, improve and pass on what our grandfathers fought to pass on to us.

It is for this reason, perpetual greed, that industrialists and technologists all over the Continent want the EU to become ever more integrated, more control to the elite, less control to the average European. This way they have an easier time getting rich while they destroy everything our grandfathers fought and died for.

Cheeky bastards, aren’t they?

Shifting Alliances

Old alliances have been renewed, new ones have been established. There exists a web of alliances within Europe that stretch back for centuries.

will of the people
The Interweb of European alliances.

Along with many more. Europe has always been this way, and always will be. What we are seeing in our time is the EU straining between this web of alliances and ideologies.

Migration Vs Nationalism

The defining question of our time is this: do nations have a right to sovereignty and self determination or should they erase their borders and mix up?

To some the answer is obvious. To others it is more nuanced. Whatever the case, this is a fulcrum point for European Civilisation. We find ourselves now in the cycle of the Kali Yuga, in the stage of Decay, as all Civilisations and Empires have before ours… whether our Civilisation survives this cycle is up to each and every one of us, Europeans.

Nations who choose to mix, die. Their people are irrevocably changed, forever. The battle between tribes is a story as old as time. Will we go quietly into that gentle night, throwing away all the sacrifices and successes of our forebears?

Or will we raise our banners high, take our destiny in our own hands, and carve out a future for our descendants, who will remember and sing of our glorious struggles?

A gladiator in Roman times. Struggle was the name of their game.

Identity as a Nigh-Sacred Concept

The EU elites and their mouth pieces are pushing an idea of a ‘united’ Europe. They talk of ‘European patriotism’, and that concept such as ‘national identity’ and the ‘soul of a nation’ are vague abstractions. The fantasies of delirious demagogues, they say.

Yet that is exactly what the average European wants, the ‘populists’ are merely listening. Is not democracy about the will of the many? The consensus of the majority? (Only when it fits the desires of the elite.)

Hercules with the Nemean Lion – Giuseppe Volpini

National identity is no abstraction, it is a profoundly real phenomenon. It is what the peoples of Terra use to differentiate themselves from one another.

Culture is intimately intertwined with this concept, and is a natural reflection and expansion of it. A wealth of culture infuses our beloved Europe. The EU would mix it all up and destroy it. Can we allow this to happen in good conscience?

How to Erase a People

What is the best way to demoralise and destroy a people? To rob them of their culture, their history, to warp it, corrupt it, erase it. If and when a people forgets its roots, they are easily controlled, and eradicated.

Remember this the next time a minority or a Leftist calls for the tearing down of European statues. Another little bit of our story… lost. Forgotten.

Hollywood movies with minorities as European folk heroes, children’s books about non-whites as princes and warriors of our people, cartoons of demons and degeneracy to poison our young ones with…

A depiction of Thanatos in the temple of Artemis at Ephesos.

Equality as a ‘virtue’ when it is impossible in Nature. The shirking of competition as well as rough and tumble play that is as natural to boys as caring about animals and other people is to girls…

All these things must be fought against. Else they will be the end of us. Little by little Charon beckons us towards Thanatos’ blade, while we follow along, blind to the inevitable consequences of our actions in the here and now.

The Journey of the Will

As with all things, the choice of whether this happens is firmly in our hands, ours, Europeans. Whether we go under, or we reach for the stars, is up to all of us. A team effort. Civilisation is a team sport after all. Everyone must do his and her part in our Story. That means being better than the rest, reaching further than the rest, daring to dream for more in a world of materialism and shallowness.

It is, to borrow a famous phrase: “To become who we are”.

Who we must be.

Who we can be.

Who we will be.

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