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Opinion | The 21st Century Belongs to China


Western political elites demonstrate remarkable hubris in their assessment of the lands they rule. They’re beholden to this amusing assumption that the ‘Western way’ is inherently superior to all else, that their models of governance and economy are unrivalled, and even that their sphere of influence will survive and thrive in the 21st century. This, of course, is a fallacy. This distinct arrogance has led to complacency and decline, whilst Eastern rivals have used this weakness to emerge from apparent obscurity and totally dominate the West in all the areas that will matter in the next 100 years. This century belongs to those who have the foresight and creative thinking required to do the following two things; 1. Adapt to the modern world and; 2. Be prepared to think long-term. Such criteria sound relatively simple on the face of things, but the reality is that the West has forgotten both requirements. It has allowed itself to either bask in nostalgia or misunderstand the nature of the modern world and, therefore, become momentously maladjusted. China, on the other hand, is displaying both these qualities in abundance and, consequently, has cemented its place as the foremost power of the 21st century.

The advantage of the Chinese system, for all its faults (which are many), is that those in charge don’t have to resort to base appeals to myopic, materialistic demands of the people to advance their chances during an election cycle. To many, this may be a price too high, but their one-party system has enabled them to disregard much of the quarrel and faux melodrama that plagues Western politics and thus, China’s leaders are given the freedom to think long-term. They know that their power is secure, provided they provide a suitably middle-class, comfortable existence for enough of their people – which they have no managed to do. Politicians in the West do not have this luxury. Every 4 or 5 years, or however long a particular nation’s election cycle is, they once again must appeal to the short-termism of the lowest common denominator, committing money to ridiculous vanity projects and devoting time to issues that deserve none. We’re all familiar with such endeavours. A recent news article in the United Kingdom, bemoaning the lack of cervical cancer provisions for transgender men, really made stark the contrast between short-term, idiotic nations like that one, and long-term, well-adapted nations like China.

The Chinese understand that modernity is not a social question, but a technological one. Adapting to the modern world does not require “sexual liberation” or so-called “progressive” attitudes towards deviance and fake problems like gender dysphoria, but rather it requires a nation to be at the cutting edge of technological advancement and to develop the creative mindset needed to effectively wield this technology to the advantage of the people and, perhaps, humanity at large. I cannot stress this point enough: positive adaptation to the modern world has absolutely nothing to do with social issues. Even democracy or no-fault divorce are not inherently necessary for this process. What counts is a nation’s ability to think big and think outside the box in terms of the technology required to streamline processes, make everyday life more efficient and create a foundation for future sustainability.

Recent technological developments in China have made keen observers marvel at their ingenuity and, also, feel somewhat surprised at their achievements and their plans for the future. In particular, the news that China intended to launch artificial moons to replace expensive and unsustainable street lighting was something that really forced people to take notice. These new moons work simply by reflecting the sun’s light, much like the actual moon does, but in a directed fashion that enables humans to control where and when the light appears. We’re always led to believe that China is the world’s leading culprit when it comes to polluting the atmosphere and contributing to climate change, which they are at present, but with measures such as these, they’re laying the foundations for a more sustainable future. In 30 years’ time, when the West is still bickering within about the Paris Climate Accord, China will have surpassed everybody as the world’s most green nation state. Additionally, China has recently hit the headlines for developing a new sun. Sounds ridiculous? It’s a reality. China has developed a device that can reach temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius – the actual sun’s core burns at a slightly less impressive 15 million degrees. This project is part of a process undertaken by the Chinese government to better understand nuclear fusion, with a view to using it to replace less sustainable energy sources in the future.

Of course, these are statement policies designed as much to demonstrate their prowess as for their practical uses, but it does demonstrate that China is thinking big and is, unfortunately for us, miles ahead of the West in terms of technological advancement and human sustainability. This week, as the Chinese became the first country to land a rocket on the “dark side” of the moon, it’s also become apparent that even the United States will struggle to compete in the future. China has accurately recognised that the future belongs to those who can think outside the box and aim for the stars, quite literally. These showpiece examples demonstrate quite clearly that the Chinese understand the realities of the modern world and how a country must proceed in order to adapt and meet its challenges. Whilst the West’s signature policies involve socialised gender reassignment surgery or the latest incentive to advance minority causes, we must be under no illusions as to where this will leave us geopolitically. It hands the initiative, quite clearly, to nations like the Chinese who have the intelligence, foresight and manpower to deliver the right changes that the challenges of the modern world demand.

This is by no means an endorsement of China’s political system. It is true that their system enforces itself through repression and sometimes violence, which is not a sound basis on which to build a representative government. However, the advantages must be noted when they are present. The crucial task for the West is to figure out how to enjoy the advantages of liberation from myopic politics, whilst still retaining a democratic system and a basic respect for the rights of citizens against the establishment power. The other task, which will be significantly harder to overcome, is for the West to recognise its mistaken direction and readjust so that its mindset better suits the modern world. It may dampen down their awful screeching for the time being, but pioneering liberal, humane solutions for the gender-confused will not build a sustainable future. Neither will affirmative action or burning money on discredited and wholly unpopular foreign policy initiatives. Donald Trump, of all people, has signalled his tacit support for such a realignment – his idea of the establishment of a military Space Force was not as ridiculous as it sounds – but he will likely be ousted by the angry mob in 2020 or before, and any foundations he has the opportunity to lay will be swiftly undermined by his Democratic successor.

Thus, it appears we are destined to decline as our Eastern rivals ascend to an unassailable position of technological and modernistic dominance. Our best hope for this process is that the Chinese behave benevolently with their newfound superiority, and I don’t mean in terms of military aggression because that is unlikely, but in the sense that their technological progress is used for the benefit of the planet and humanity. For instance, they truly have the opportunity to pave the way for sustainable energy development and usage; the West would do well to at least attempt emulation in this regard. Equally, we may learn some useful points from China’s Space Program, which promises to surpass anything the West has achieved to date. This could help all of humanity plan a more secure future, if the Chinese are willing to use it to this effect and there is no reason why they should not be. But in the years to come, we will find ourselves deferring more and more to our oriental rivals. The decline of the West has been a long time in the making, but its reality is coming to fruition in the 21st century. Finally, the myopic approach of our political class is producing a crescendo of failure which is evident to all who bother to clearly observe modern global developments.

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