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My Milkshake is Better Than Yours!


By guest writer: Thomas A. Anderson


During the lead up to the European elections, right-wing English political candidates have been unceremoniously attacked by left-leaning members of the public. Their weapon of choice; a milkshake, for the moment!

Most MSM outlets framed the incidents as a storm in a teacup, much to do about nothing and hardly news-worthy. Some Marxist propagandist machines like the Guardian attempted to excuse the aggressors by stating the Milkshake “slipped out of the perpetrator’s hand” and Tom Peck from the Independent sardonically suggested on national television that the milkshake-chucking exercise was not aggressive, but a mere underarm lob. Well, that’s just not cricket now is it! Furthermore, Burger King tweeted immediately after one such attack. They stated that their milkshakes are ready and waiting to be sold followed adding a cheeky winking emoji, indicated their left-wing activist consumers that they have an abundant supply of ammunition.

However, does the left have a point? After all, it’s just a bit of lactose, right? Firstly, the average citizen would not react kindly if they were suddenly doused with milk from a complete stranger. Secondly, officially it is assault and thus an illegal act, yet illegality is just semantics for the left who often champion illegals as in the case of mass migration. Thirdly, the underlying racism is clear to see as the milkshakes are purposefully chosen from shades of white. This seems to be a continuation of the white flour incidents in The U.S.A. Finally, Britain has already imported the culturally enriching sport of acid throwing. As a result, throwing any liquid at someone could cause increased distress to the victim as they would be unaware of the content of the liquid substance until it hits them. Yet as highlighted by the loveable cuddly Jo Brand, the left can make jokes about throwing acid at leading right-wing politicians without accountability, yet fines and jail time are handed out to any right-leaning comedians.

To conclude, the hypocrisy of the left has been exposed again, as one could make an educated guess that if chocolate milkshake were thrown at Diane Abbot or David Lammy the MSM would be up in arms and they would run the story for ad infinitum. This scenario has been highlighted before, and an article by Konstantin Kisin in The Telegraph forewarns of the possibility of the eradication of free speech being replaced by licenced speech. licenced by whom? Well, the police and government of course.

Through all these series of event, one sinister precedent has been set which does not bode well for the English. Mr Crowther, the activist who struck Farage, was immediately placed in handcuffs and whisked away by the boys in blue. However, Mr Mahmud, who accosted Tommy Robinson, was not arrested but instead was escorted by the police away from the scene and driven to the nearest train station.

In the words of the late Christopher Hitchens: “Resist while you can.”

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