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Opinion » MENAce to Society – Chaos in Barcelona!

MENAce to Society – Chaos in Barcelona!


Article by guest writer, Thomas A. Anderson


Spain and especially Barcelona has seen a considerable rise in anti-social behaviour over the last couple of years. That’s not to say it was always the peaceful, cosy city it was post-Olympic Games and it’s true the underground has always been a profitable place of work for the multitude of pickpockets in the city over the years. However, in general, the people felt safe, and in the not too distant past, women could walk home alone at night without fear of being attacked.

Enter stage the hyper left-wing socialist party and Mayor of Barcelona, Ana Colau, who herself was somewhat of an anarchist and was once an illegal squatter. She rode on the politically correct coattails of the European bigwigs and enforced the open-door policy in Cataluña. As a result, Barcelona is receiving a new dose of cultural enrichment this time from unaccompanied illegal migrant teenagers, mainly from North Africa. Think Oliver Twist but with a knife in one hand and a bag of glue in the other.

To get an idea of the dire situation, one only has to follow online blogs or read comments and personal experiences from people who have had the privilege of meeting these newcomers face to face. Reports include a Canadian tourist who vowed never to return to Barcelona after being held up at knifepoint. Enormous amounts of Japanese, Korean and Chinese are attacked continuously. A video circulating online shows an old person with a walking stick being punched to the ground during another robbery. Moreover, if they are not robbing or stealing from innocent citizens as a side sport, these teenagers get involved in day time gang street fights and even rob each other. I guess they didn’t get the memo about honour amongst thieves in Morocco. They are also famous on YouTube for creating a rap tune instructing others how to rob and steal. Well, at least they understand the power of online education.

However, the MENAs, as they are called in Spain, are a major problem with no solution for now. The government almost encourages thieving because the law states that property stolen to the value of 400 euros or less is deemed a slight infraction with minor consequences. Such policy laws not only affect the people but also the police who arrest and have to let criminals go thanks to said law. The citizens are now fed up and started taking action by patrolling hot spots of illegal activity. Again, the government has decided in their wisdom to fine any patrols whose only function is to protect the general public. The reality is staring us in the face, but we are too scared to discuss it. Some cultures are more aggressive than others, a point noted by the late leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi. He warned that his country was the great wall keeping back hordes of Orcs from Europe that if he and his nation was to be destroyed (which it was by NATO), then hell will be unleashed on Europe. As yet, I haven’t met the devil in person, but hell seems to be encroaching upon Europe at a very fast rate.

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