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Lessons From Brexit For the Continent

EU - Brexxit

On the 23rd of June 2016, the UK held its Brexit referendum which would decide if the UK would stay in the European Union. On the 29th of March 2017, the UK government told us it would leave the EU by the 29th of March 2019. An extension has been passed since and we follow the news from the UK with anxiety to see if the UK will truly now leave the EU by the 31st of October 2019. We, as continental Europeans, watch Brexit not just to satisfy our thirst for international news drama, we watch it as it will make or break the aspirations of any nation wanting to vote itself out of the EU. Although it is still unsure if the UK will leave the EU at all, we can clearly learn some lessons from the UK if we want to exit ourselves. 

Lesson 1; First The Government, Then the Referendum

When the UK government announced the referendum, David Cameron as a globalist PM was in charge of the government of the UK. Cameron himself was a remainer, his government was mostly filled with remainers and the only reason he wanted this referendum was to block UKIP from becoming a powerful competitor on the right. One of the remainers, Theresa May would later become PM and was part of the forces that wanted to keep the UK inside of the EU. Here we can learn lesson 1; ‘The referendum should be done while leavers are in firm control of the government, a government lead by leavers will botch timing and execution.

Lesson 2; Winning versus Winning & Lesson 3; Never Trust A Bloody Banker

After leave had won the referendum, something quite remarkable happened. Nigel Farage quit UKIP and retired because he wanted more privacy. While some of us including himself thought that this was well earned since he had achieved everything he had dreamed of. It is a move akin to a soldier deserting when he arrives at the battle he has been trained for all his life. Nigel Farage chose personal life over the country, he chose self-interest over the common interest and his current return shows us even he is aware he has made a mistake. Nigel thought he had won while he had yet to achieve anything real except an empty symbol. This is lesson 2;  do not mistake thinking you won with actually winning something. 

Farage Brexit
Fighting back, but for how long?

The third lesson is that you can never trust a bloody banker like Nigel Farage. The man has shown to be a skilled dog-whistler on immigration while campaigning for leave, but in his early career, he worked as a trader for big banks like Credit Lyonnais. Bankers are the incarnation of evil on this planet, they will lie, cheat and force debts upon you just to make their own bank accounts go ‘Ka-tching’. Anyone who has worked at a reputable international bank is not to be trusted, these are people with no principles who would throw their own kin under the bus to make a quick dime. Farage actually literally did this by throwing UKIP under the bus, hereby splintering the right-wing anti tory vote in the UK and bringing serious damage to the right in the UK for possibly decades. For those who have voted for Farage’s Brexit party in earnest hope he will deliver them from evil, I say this; Brexit is not a goal on its own, it is a means to an end. Will Farage who back-stabbed UKIP truly save your country even if he takes you out of the EU? Or will he once again run for the hills? 

Lesson 4; You Think You Can Just Leave?

The most important lesson of all is lessons is number 4. You cannot assume that your countrymen, your fellow EU member states and the globalist elites will just allow you to leave. The naivety of many of the leavers, thinking that leaving the EU would be as simple as holding a referendum. The EU and vested capitalist interest have shown us throughout the Brexit episode that leaving the EU is more than just a democratic decision. It is about fighting for your people versus a globalist system. The globalists, they won’t let you just vote out of it and walk away scot-free, they will smear you, try to destroy you and even try to make your fellow countrymen rise up against you.

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