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Opinion » An Overview of the Islamisation of Europe

An Overview of the Islamisation of Europe

Islamisation of Europe

An Overview of the Islamisation of Europe. Article by guest writer, Sherif, Egypt.


It is 18th June 2012. The Islamist candidate, Mohamed Morsi, wins the election in Egypt, with funding and support from Obama and Hillary. This is the first step in the direction of democracy they said, while at the same time, they praise the moderate “rebels” in Syria. Together with Merkel, they will end up sending millions of dollars to “moderate” rebel groups who would later form JAN (Jabhat Al Nusra) and HTS (Hayat Tahrir El Sham). This group was accused of committing a lot of beheadings and vouching to behead infidels and Syrian “dictator” Bashar al-Assad.

Now back to Egypt. A few months into Morsi’s reign, his supporters, together with salafists, call openly for the destruction of the Ancient Egyptian statues, citing them as Pagan symbols that should be destroyed. Later, they would call for the destruction of all churches in Egypt because they believe that Christian Egyptians are infidels that should be punished for their beliefs. One year and 12 days after Morsi’s elections, the Egyptian military will coup him out of power. The military had been waiting for a long time. After all, around 30 million people went to the streets to call for Morsi’s ousting.

A few days after the coup, Barrack Obama denies Egypt the crucial weaponry that they need for battling Islamist militants in Sinai. The EU criticises Egypt’s decision calling it undemocratic and wrong. They refuse to support them, and they condemn the Egyptian military.

Flash forward to 2015 and now Islamist supporters take to the famous Rabaa square in Cairo as a rallying point and they are not planning to leave. After days of warning, the Egyptian police storm the place. Liberal media outlets like the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Times, the NYT and the Washington Post are having an outcry. They are criticising Egypt’s decision for battling these Islamists. The United Kingdom, Turkey and the EU take several high figure islamists who manage to escape the crackdown in Egypt. These Islamists will now enjoy refugee status in EU. That is correct. You heard that right. Refugee status.

Does this remind you of something? Millions of people crossing into Europe who no one knows anything about? Some escaped the brutal war in Syria. But why did they they escape into Europe? They could have gone straight into Bashar al-Assad’s held area where they would be safe. After all, Islamism in Europe is nothing new. Several Egyptian analysts have said that countries like France, the UK and Germany harbour a lot of Islamists. Some of these refugees could genuinely be people looking to survive horrors of war, but according to a report by the BBC, the majority of the Syrian male refugees currently in Europe and neighboring countries, are scared of returning to Europe because they are scared of being conscripted into Assad’s army who is technically fighting the Islamists.

Refugees in Europe consist partially of Syrians, but mainly others from countries who currently have no active conflicts, such as Morocco and Ethiopia. Some come from countries that wars have been raging in for decades, like Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, they all managed to cross into Europe through Turkey who opened their doors, and through war torn Libya. Make no mistake, only a minority from the millions who crossed into Europe are actually escaping wars. The rest are practically invading.

By 2018, conservative nationalist right wing parties are sick of the Islamists trying to force their backwardness into Europe. They force their daughters to wear burqas and to undergo FGM. Protests are raging in countries such as Germany and Poland, and the polls are reflecting the change. After all, these migrants brought nothing to Europe, nothing but a spike in rape and crime. Still, Sadiq Khan thinks that it’s all normal and it’s fine for London to have twice daily acid and knife attacks.

SJWs and liberals have been defending Islamists since the 1990s. These folks have been protected by the EU and have HRW protection from their original Muslim-majority countries that were hunting them for their terrorist radical tendencies. Despite this, the EU have been opening their gates for the Islamists and now they’ve done the same for migrants as well. Islamists could not care less about Europe. They didn’t care about their own countries, so why would they care about Europe? They want to destroy societies and build them again in accordance with their corrupt vision. This is where Neo-Marxists, liberals and Islamists all agree. Both want to destroy distinct cultures. Both want to destroy the gates and walls protecting first world countries from their barbaric third world neighbours. Islamists and liberals would never tolerate an authentic Oktoberfest festival or European kids dressed in their traditional clothes. They are filled with vile hatred against everything distinct that they neither want nor like. It explains the extreme ethnic-masochism “white” liberals have together with the fact that a decent portion of these liberals aren’t even white. They do identify as white however, and then unleash hell on genuine white people who did absolutely nothing wrong but want less mosques in their neighborhood and who don’t want to go extinct within the following decades.

It’s a fact now that white conservative people, or perhaps conservatives in general, who are leading the fight against Islamism and Neo Marxism, are more abused than anybody else simply SJWs have openly called for the extinction of the white race. It is a Maoist form of racism that seems to be forgiven, tolerated, accepted and promoted by the liberals. In addition, liberal news outlets wouldn’t cease to criticise leaders who take a tough stance on Islamists or liberals, whether it’s Bolsanaro, Salvini, Bashar (too brutal!), Trump or Sisi (the Egyptian general who coup’d the Islamists current president).

Populism globally is under siege. Patriots everywhere are under siege, from media outlets shaming and attacking them daily, to the online social media crackdown. Twitter has been shutting down tens of thousands of conservative pro-Trump accounts and people are harming GAB’s CEO and calling for his platform’s shutdown.

Liberals in Europe and the United States have not only shielded Islamists, took in illegal migrants and in some cases, in California, created sanctuary zones. They have also funded, aided and vocally supported governments that support terrorist groups. They have helped terrorist groups financially, where the constant stream of funding from the US and European tax payer money has, in Syria, led to the direct destruction of churches of one of the oldest Christian communities in the world.

Liberals have routinely proved that they are incompetent leaders and politicians who are nothing but a living version of Orwell’s 1984; from banning songs for being “offensive” in Canada, to protecting Islamists in Europe, to the ‘Vote For Me’ app of the Democrats (a phone app more Orwellian than ever). Thanks to them, Islamists, who have been kicked out of their own Muslim-majority countries are now taking refuge in Europe, where they openly practice their brutality and barbarity and still get to play the role of victim.

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