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Opinion » I’m Voting For The Brexit Party, Here’s Why

I’m Voting For The Brexit Party, Here’s Why

Brexit Party

In politics we often find ourselves bemoaning circumstance, wishing that things were different despite our powerlessness to affect change to them. The United Kingdom should not be taking part in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament; instead, we should have left the European Union on 29th March as stipulated by law up until very recently. But our political class embarked on the biggest betrayal in recent memory. Consistently, they have lied and schemed and conspired to prevent the people’s voice being heard. And so it is that we find ourselves a full member of the European Union, forced to take part in the upcoming elections and staring down the barrel of remaining – despite the 2016 referendum result to leave – in the Union indefinitely.

For me, the choice is now clear; either we spiral down the bottomless pit of despair and grievance and, thus, stagnate, or we turn this unfortunate sequence of events into an opportunity. I cannot make a case for the former, therefore I must argue that our only course of action is to work with what we have.

We in the United Kingdom must fight these European elections and we must fight to win. And the only conceivable way we can achieve another victory is by wholeheartedly backing The Brexit Party.

I must admit that my initial response, like so many on the nationalist fringe, was in favour of UKIP. For nationalism in this country, they are the only party with representation and a platform that speaks to those of us who recognise the dire problems with immigration, integration and, of course, the necessity to halt and reverse The Great Replacement. UKIP was also the party that drove our demands for a referendum in the first instance and, without their valiant efforts, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we did in 2016.

Conversely, The Brexit Party is without a manifesto or a domestic platform that addresses these aforementioned issues. Their choice of candidates – which include some from the left and ethnic minority groups – already suggests that they wouldn’t be partial to addressing these important issues. For some on the nationalist side, these issues invalidate the Brexit Party as an anti-establishment force, for, in many ways, they’ve signalled their contentment with the status quo on these issues.

Yet I do not approach these elections in the same way. We can only work with what we have available to us, and discard what we do not have the luxury to concern ourselves with – ideological purity being one such point. To discount the Brexit Party would be to consign ourselves to the permanency of final defeat, and for me, remaining true to an ideological purity is not worth such a defeat. We are at a turning point in our nation’s history and this opportunity cannot be squandered through egotistical stubbornness.

And yes, the stakes are really that high. For the European Elections, we who believe in the nation state and the will of the British people must remain united behind a common vehicle in order to demonstrate that our will has not changed, that we are more determined than ever to leave the European Union and restore sovereignty to the British people. Should we fail to do this and, through infighting and division, allow victory to those parties clambering to betray our nation in these elections, Brexit and our dream of a free and sovereign Britain will be lost forever. The establishment would use such an outcome to justify their betrayal and achieve what their true ambition really is; tying the nation to a supranational project in perpetuity.

On the domestic front, the stakes are equally high. A recent opinion poll conducted by ComRes places the Brexit Party above the Conservatives in a hypothetical General Election scenario, which, as everybody in the UK will be aware, is truly revolutionary. The prospect of a new party coming through and achieving real victories on the domestic front is something we’ve never believed to be possible. But the Brexit Party is demonstrating that it is possible. They represent our best chance of smashing this wretched two-party system once and for all, and it would be ridiculously irresponsible of we on the nationalist fringe to attempt to impede their progress. We will not get a better chance than this to truly break the establishment clique.

Despite my apparent enthusiastic endorsement, I do recognise that the Brexit Party has some major flaws and serious issues that I find discomforting. For instance, they appear to be very capitalistic, even more so than the Conservative Party – their founder, Catherine Blaiklock, is a currency speculator, a bona fide merchant. They’re backed financially by former Tory donors and businessmen and their ranks are mostly filled with those who take a fairly libertarian outlook in the economic sphere. Furthermore, they are at pains to demonstrate their political correctness in many ways, by placing prominent ethnic minority candidates in the limelight and virtue signalling on matters of race on many occasions. There are more issues, of course, but these major points alone are what nationalists like myself might find disagreeable about them.

But nevertheless, they deserve our vote. For one, they are a populist group who believe in the sovereignty of the British people so, therefore, we must take them at face value and assume they would listen to our demands on immigration in a hypothetical situation where they claimed victory in domestic elections. The economics are problematic, yes, but again, it is up to us to lobby the party and support prominent members thereof who hail from the economic left or centre – they count trade unionists and former leftists amongst their candidates, so this is not beyond the realms of possibility.

The most important point here, however, is that we must attempt to shape the party’s ideological destiny from a position of victory. There’s no use in refusing to support them until they make ideological changes beforehand, as this circular reasoning will ensure they don’t obtain power anyway. Let us remove the established order, the globalists, from power first, then work to affect the particulars afterwards. In any case, we’re all well aware that the Overton Window is a real phenomenon, and we are simply nowhere near the position where we can discuss issues of race and identity in the public forum. We must recognise that incremental change, which the Brexit Party is a part of, is superior to no change at all.

Finally, for Brexiteers and nationalists the upcoming EU elections present us with an opportunity to claim another important victory on our long road to freedom. The question is not who one should vote for, but rather; do you want to win? And to that, I answer, yes, I want to fucking win. I cannot say this with enough emphasis without that obscenity. I crave the victory that will once more invigorate the disheartened, authentic Britons who have been so badly demoralised by the Great Brexit Betrayal that we have witnessed.

I want to win and I want to embark on the path towards a better future. That’s why, on 23rd May, I’ll be voting for the Brexit Party and willing them on to victory.

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