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Opinion » Greta Grip: Green in Every Sense of the Word

Greta Grip: Green in Every Sense of the Word


Greta Grip: Green in Every Sense of the Word. Article by our guest writer: Thomas A. Anderson


Healthy humans’ brain development is complete with the formation of the Amygdala at around the age of 25 years old. However, sufferers of Asperger’s lack of natural neural connectivity development results in various manifestations of unusual behaviours. Symptoms include a lack of social interaction, repetition of the same action,  attachment to performing certain routines, limited facial expressions (apart from anger or misery),  a proclivity to be “in their own world” and preoccupied with their own agenda. The fact that The Left, powerful corporates and radical environmentalists, are using Greta Thunberg, a young adult with Aspergers, as their poster girl for environmental issues, could be viewed as child abuse.

Greta’s recent speech at a UN convention clearly gave the world a glimpse of her unfortunate state. With a twisted, convoluted facial expression, she blamed all and sundry for the fact people are dying and suffering: an emotional plea to the human condition perhaps because as the joke goes, humans can’t escape two things, taxes and death.  So yes, we humans are facing death, but unfortunately, that’s the ultimate prize for living.

She goes on to mention the ecosystem is dying, and although humans are probably the most destructive force in regard to the abuse of planet earth, mother nature usually finds a way to redress the balance.

Delve a little deeper, and any sane person can see the real agenda behind the Greta phenomenon. Her champions, The Green Party, was the anti-globalist arm of socialism and harnessed by the left to battle the greedy emission pumping industrialists. The Greens in the past focussed on personal responsibility and quite rightly urged people to recycle and not use plastic when possible. However, Greta’s recent UN speech sees a shift in environmental tactics as they now seem to want to align themselves with the globalists and big conglomerates to roll out a standardised global tax which the people will have to pay not the actual culprits of excessive CO2 emissions. However, will the charge be implemented to the citizens from countries with the worst carbon footprint like India and China, or to Western society?  I think we already know which societies will take on the financial burden.

Using a child, with mental challenges, to manipulate other children and young adults into believing the world will end in ten years due to CO2 emissions is a nefarious act with consequences. Climate anxiety is now a thing and according to reports has already claimed its first victim: a 14-year-old boy from Manchester who committed suicide due to climate change. This is not to deny climate can affect one’s mood, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a depressive state that can lead to suicide. However, the apocalyptic exhortations from Extinction Rebellion and other environmental extremists is bordering on religious fanaticism.

Furthermore, this is not the first instance of environmental hysteria either. The 1970s was the decade of acid rain. In the 80s, the ozone layer had more holes in it than Swiss cheese, and the 90s saw the ascendance of global warning. Yet by some miracle the Earth and all its inhabitants survived and is still spinning on its axis.


So, it seems Greta is a simple pawn in a political power play. Her parents are staunch left-wingers who have to appear in photos wearing T-shirts promoting Antifa, the now para-military wing of socio-communism. Greta has met with Globalists like Obama, The Pope, Clinton and Soros who are hell-bent on pushing the New Green deal, part of a centralised socialist policy that must be rejected. And to re-iterate, who will foot the bill for all this hysteria? WE, THE PEOPLE.

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