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The Culture and Spirit of Europe


The Culture and Spirit of Europe. Article by guest writer: Jane Davenport.


Europe stands on a precipice. The doomsday clock of our midnight ticks ever closer. Every day of inaction sees thousand more migrants cross her sacred borders; migrants who do not love Europe, or what she stands for; viewing her as a cash cow to feed on and eventually slaughter.

The murmurs of discontent can be heard and felt across the continent, yet we are very much divided. Those who overrun us, are in many ways more united than us at this time as they operate under their one religion, whereas we are fragmented; in many ways recovering culturally from WW2, where we, as a continent, lost our way and our identity.

The worst time ever for mass migration happens at a time when we were spiritually vulnerable. The lions among us exhausted from the horrific tragedy of that infamous war, so both out of alleged need and kindness, we opened the flood gates, after all, no one wished for war or strife in Europe. We had had enough.

In many ways, it was an historical precedent, that we had shown unfettered kindness. No other society would have shown so much kindness, and yet we did. Even to our own detriment; brainwashing ourselves that it was, in fact, our fault when they bit our feeding hand of kindness.

Now we have had enough. We wish for our societies back. We do not wish to be an Islamic state, nor do we wish to be an ethnic minority in our ancient homeland.

My question to ponder is what can unite us. We have two viable options in my opinion, and I will outline what the pros and cons of each are. The two options I view as most viable to unite us are Christianity and ethnonationalism. Both have their pros and cons, and can, at times, be interchangeable with each other.

I will start with Christianity.

In many ways, when Europe was under strain from Islamic expansion it was our faith in Christ that gave us the power to overcome it, two notable occasions being “The Battle of Lepanto in 1571” and “The Siege of Vienna in 1683”. With our faith, we were fighting for something bigger than ourselves, fighting to save the still-beating heart of Christendom which allowed our men to fight for something more than themselves. After all, if God is on our side, how can we fail?

Another point is the power of Myth. Christianity has many legends of ferocious Christian soldiers overcoming insurmountable odds to proclaim victory over those who wish us harm, often helping warriors and preachers gain inspiration from those that wish for our destruction.

Then we get to the thing of what we can all connect. We’re fighting for something greater: for goodness. Our cause goes beyond what is human, to the divine, potentially getting more people on board with wanting to save Europe from the mass colonisation it is currently going under.

Next, I will explore ethnonationalism.

It’s true, no emotionally sane person would wish to be a minority in their ancestral homeland. Yet that is what we’re saying is happening. Mass amounts of people replacing us, without our consent, often ungratefully. I see hatred in the hearts of those who have come to live in Europe for the natives. Will they be as generous to us if they become a majority, with their current attitudes? I think not.

Ethno-nationalism believes that each race has different IQ ranges; that among our own kind we are more likely to prosper than we are in a mixed bag. We believe that the most intellectually and crime-free societies are often ethno-states, given that human nature is ultimately tribalistic. We believe that places experiencing mass migration experience higher crime rates (such as London).

The average IQ in Africa is 70. In Europe, it is about 100, and in some Asian countries such as Japan and Hong Kong, it can be around 110.

Are we really expected to mix together? No. As given our different genetic predispositions, why should we be expected to behave the same way? A dog trainer knows different breeds of dog respond to different stimuli for correct behavioural modification, despite putting it in such an ugly way, so why do we humans think we are different in any way? We’re not. It’s not a reason to hate though, just a reason why we need our own unique societies that work around the average temperament of our races. After all, a European man is not a Chinee man, and a Black man is not an Arab. We all thrive in different stimuli, and any science into this area that has not been shut down by political correctness has vindicated these observations.

But of course, getting a large enough part of society on board with Ethno-nationalism may prove to be hard, if not neigh on impossible. This area of study has too much association with white supremacy and Nazi ideology to hold sway. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong.

At the moment my personal opinion stands that Europe needs a spiritual identity in order to reclaim its sacred lands and push the barbarians from the gate. After all, just as Ancient Rome fell, the barbarians didn’t breach the gate. They were let in.

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