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This is What The 21st Century European Will Look Like

is Ivica Šola

It is interesting that when migrants are perishing in the Mediterranean as during these past weeks for example, the finger is pointed at people, like Salvini, who seek just one thing: the rule of law, except for those who are escaping life-threatening or any other danger. But no one points the finger at those who create chaos, at the people traffickers and NGOs.

These last ones are, by definition, the good guys and girls, and those who seek the rule of law, because 90% of the migrants without documents are economic migrants, are the bad guys. Since NGOs that deal with climate change already have their saint, virgin and martyr, little Gretta, a sick child (autism), so the NGOs who deal with ferrying migrants into Europe on the backs of the ever-poorer Italians, have as well gotten their saint in the NGO calendar, ship captain and member of Sea Watch, Carol Rackete.

About her, this NGO saint who has given all of herself to saving the downtrodden of the world, little is known, but I consider her a model European of the near future, which will be created by the violent and criminal mixing of races, as well as the ideology of consumerism in which can be surmised all so-called “European Values”.

But before we describe Carol Rackete on the basis of what she has said about herself, let us see who funds her organisation. Even though Soros is mentioned in these kinds of cases constantly, this time that isn’t true. The single biggest contributor is the German Evangelical Church, behind it are various members and sympathisers of “Green” parties.

The Catholic Church of Germany has joined in too, in the character of the favourite cardinal of Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Munich Marx. But, just as adds for dishware on TV, along buying a set of pots you get a set of knives for free, surprise.

In this case of the funding of the NGO Sea Watch the surprise is called Millî Görüş. No, that is not a name or surname, that is the name of a Turkish Islamist organisation (“National Vision” in translation) which, in Europe, counts some 500 thousand members. Their influence, especially in Germany, is based on the financing of mosques and Islamic centers as well as the spreading of radical Islamic political vision. One of its chief ideologues and founders is Necmettin Erbakan, who died eight years ago, but his dire words still live on. I quote Erbakan: ” Europe is sick, and we have to give them the right cure – all of Europe will become Islamic. We will conquer Rome as well.” How? With weapons as was the case during the two prior invasions in history?

No, with the helps of useful idiots like Carol and the abuse of human rights, which he surmised in the sentence: “We will conquer you through your laws”. Because of all this, last year, the Islamist organisation Millî Görüş came into conflict with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz who banished about 60 imams and closed down 7 mosques which had been radicalizing young Muslims, even those of the second generation.

There’s no joking with Kurz, but, sadly, in other European countries they ignore this powerful and numerous organisation, media hardly write about it. So we have come to the paradox of an Islamist organisation along with the German Evangelical and Catholic Church and an ever-stronger grouping of green parties funding our Carol Rackete and her organisation and ship.

Rackete is the model of the coming European, void of roots, void of anything, void of identity. Here is what she has said about herself, from the Italian Corriere della Sera to the Spanish El Pais. She is, she says, hounded by a guilty conscience for being a European because she grew up in prosperity, as opposed to the people of the so-called Third World, and for this Europe is guilty, so her activism is her way of clearing her guilty conscience because of criminal Europe.

Although a German, she does not feel German, but European. She is apolitical, but she wants “more Europe” because nations are the sources of evil. She claims she has no fixed home. Borders she considers stupid, and the history of Europe but a history of evil. Naturally, she is a fan of Gretta, environmentally conscious. Not only does this saint save migrants, she is saving Earth too, so she is a member of the group Extinction Rebellion “where we are fighting climate change … so I didn’t go to China by plane but by train.

No roots has she, constantly is she travelling and saving this and that. Human right are above positive laws and everyone from the Islamic world and without documents has the right, even though not fleeing war or poverty, to come to Europe and look for an even better life. Of course, she is an atheist, not a fan of Christianity, but she takes money from Churches and even Islamist organisations. She considers herself an intellectual and has ” a network of friends in universities through the world”.

Who doesn’t think or do or live like her, she deals with simply, he is a racist, fascist, xenophobe, islamophobe. Naturally, for her Capitalism is an evil, even though she is bringing the hated Capitalists literal slaves, a cheap work force. When that same cheap labour force rapes Westerners, she mostly keeps her mouth shut because “Europeans do that too”. Everything is after all relative, all cultures are the same, and all people are brethren. In one, an atheist, stateless, without any identity, she doesn’t want to connect or to have children. Millî Görüş is right to give her money. An excellent investment.

This is a translation of an article written by Ivica Šola, on Slobodna Dalmacija.




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