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News » You’re Brelcome: Portugal ensures the rights of British citizens are safeguarded even in a no deal Brexit

You’re Brelcome: Portugal ensures the rights of British citizens are safeguarded even in a no deal Brexit


Portugal and Great Britain share one of the oldest alliances in the World, ever since the treaty of Windsor was signed in 1386 and still taking place to this very day, the Portuguese government wants to make sure that Brexit can be the smoothest as possible for both countries and their citizens

“[Brexit’s] agreement has died.” said the Minister of Foreign Relations of Portugal, Augusto Santos Silva, who explained that the contingency plan for a disorderly exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union gains more and more track. guaranteed

To this, Mr. Santos Silva added

“The hearings in the respective parliamentary committees are and we will have a discussion in plenary so that we can have our legislation guaranteeing the British citizens residing in Portugal all the rights. This is very important, even because we know that there will be correspondence from the British side. Therefore, the best way to ensure the rights of the Portuguese residents in the United Kingdom, we are, within our spheres of competence, to guarantee the rights of British citizens residing in Portugal”, explained the Portuguese minister.

Portugal is already running a campaign under Tourism of Portugal to ensure British citizens that they will not be forgotten and their rights are insured in the country, titled “#Brelcome, Portugal will never leave you”.

The campaign ensures British citizens that:
“The Portuguese Government is preparing a contingency plan to avoid, as far as possible, disruption for British travellers. This plan includes the following measures:

  • Visa exemption (trips up to 90 days)
  • Dedicated passport control areas/lanes for UK flights
  • Possibility of mutual recognition of driving licenses
  • Use of the Portuguese National Health Service
  • Validity of UK travel insurance policies
  • Provide simplified requirements for UK nationals´ pets
  • Similar passenger security taxes”

The campaign is also followed by some tourism videos to remember the British public that their eternal allies will not forget about them in these turbulent times:

More info:

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