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News » Violent riots in major French city after young Muslim offenders died trying to escape the police

Violent riots in major French city after young Muslim offenders died trying to escape the police

Three consecutive nights of rioting occurred earlier this week in Grenoble’s suburbs after two young Muslims died in a road accident while trying to escape the police.

The young men were driving on a stolen motor scooter with no license plates and weren’t wearing any protective gear. According to local newspapers, they were vandalizing cars and breaking rear-view mirrors before the police first tried to arrest them. They failed however and the suspects managed to escape.

Later, another police patrol spotted the two riders on a scooter driving at full speed with no lights on and chased them. Unfortunately, their escape ended tragically when the young drivers got stuck between a bus and the road’s side barriers.

According to early court of justice statements, the police had all rights to pursue the motor scooter as the drivers were endangering other road users by driving on sidewalks and running red lights.

However, local inhabitants blamed the police for the death of young Adam and Fatih and riots quickly ensued.

The situation seems to be pacified as of today, but tensions remain high as local suburban communities clashed with the police for three consecutive nights.

Impressive video footage from Sunday and Monday’s nights show petrol bombs being dropped from buildings on riot police units, cars and trash bins burning. Reports mention dozens of young locals throwing rocks and various other projectiles at riot police and firemen.

Petrol bombs thrown from buildings on the police

According to early police assessments, some 65 cars were burned and two police officers suffered minor injuries while only one rioter was arrested.

These regretful events, unfortunately, aren’t rare in France as ethnic riots regularly happen when young inhabitants from city suburbs get killed while trying to escape the police.

Back in 2005, two young men with African origins ( Bouna and Zyed ) were electrocuted to death in a power plant where they hid in a desperate move to escape a police control, triggering three weeks long riots in the Parisian suburbs.

Riots also occurred when young men were killed in tragic road accidents while being chased by the police in 2008, 2009 and 2017.

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