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Unplug from Netflix

Cancel Netflix now

As of July 2019 Netflix has 150 million paid subscribers in more than 50 countries. It has become a giant in home entertainment, touching the lives of millions on a daily basis.

Big chance that you, your coworkers and family all have a subscription and are enjoying it. Who wouldn’t enjoy Netflix? You can watch your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want, you don’t need to worry about those pesky commercials and they even recommend stuff they know you will like! Netflix is truly God’s gift to the world.


There is a darker side to Netflix that isn’t being covered in the media. Netflix is a bastion of subtle propaganda and subversive content. It is time you unplug from Netflix and here’s why;

Progressive Propaganda
Like most companies that make their money online, Netflix is a very progressive company. It is all the rage among progressives to hate white people, Netflix is very advanced in this section. They do not make blatant anti-white content, they are subtle in their twisting of facts.

Two big examples come to mind, the first is the show “When they see us”. A series based on a true story about the arresting of some innocent black boys for a brutal rape. During the show they are violently beaten during their arrest. Except, this never happened. The detective who made the arrests said this, there is no proof to back this up and even the prosecutor said the show is: “ full of distortions and falsehoods as to be an outright fabrication”. The photos after the arrest show no injuries at all. But the Netflix directors do not care about presenting reality to the audience. The message is that white on black racism is very alive and everything they do to convey this message is warranted.

Fun Netflix fact; there are no shows about crime statistics in the US and on how likely a killer or rapist is to be a black man. This doesn’t fit the progressive narrative that black people are victims of evil white people. There are plenty of shows about white privilege and white racism, because that is the only thing that matters to progressives.

Another example is “the people vs OJ Simpson”, a personal favorite of mine. When you first watch this show, it is an epic master piece fusing celebrity culture and murder into one epic courtroom drama. Best of all, it actually happened several years ago. When you dive deeper into the story you will find out that the racism of the police officer (Mark Fuhrman) is highly exaggerated in the series. They at some point even portray him in front of national socialist world war 2 medals to imprint upon the viewer that this man is a card carrying Nazi. This of course never happened, was not true and there is no reason to suspect this man collected Nazi world war 2 medals. But yet again, Mark Furhman in this show needs to be slandered as a racist who framed an innocent OJ Simpson.

Sexualizing children or glamorizing suicide
Anti-white racism isn’t Netflix’s only problem, they have come under fire for a lot more. Recently in the Argentinian film “Desire”, two girls under the age of 10 were depicted in pillow scene that took a sexual turn and it was topped off with a 9 year old girl having a masturbation scene.

This is what Netflix thinks is appropriate entertainment for you and your family. Many people have called this child pornography and the film was reported to the FBI and Department of Justice in America.

In the series “13 reasons why” a controversial suicide scene of the main character was removed after two years of running uncensored. Medical experts and suicide prevention organizations called for this since the graphic glamorization of suicide is linked to an increase in teen suicides. Young adults who are extremely impressionable and stupid tend to influenced quite easily by this kind of content.  There are claims this actually led to a rise in teen suicides. Thank you very much Netflix.

Cancel the subscription now
Like millions of other white people, you probably have a Netflix account. You like to watch your favorite series after coming home from work, together with your family or your partner.

It is a great way to entertain yourself, but at what cost? Do you really believe your hard earned money should go to a company that tries to make you feel guilty about your race by telling lies? Is it okay for your money to be spent on fees for directors who want to make filthy content about children under the age of 10? Can they carelessly glamorize suicide while you are footing part of the bill? Personally, I won’t be a part of this anymore.

I unplugged, when will you?

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