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UK: Machete Crime Moves To The Villages

Chef Ambe, a 21-year-old with a history of crimes and who was released from prison recently has been arrested for attempted murder. Ambe and a 17-year-old accomplice attacked a young man in Abbots Langley, a village outside of Watford.

The attack which happened on Sunday, February 11th involves Ambe attempting to stab the victim in the chest. However as he went to defend himself, it cut the young man’s hand off. The police later caught Ambe and his accomplice was today remanded in custody until 18th March at Hatfield Court.

Ambe, who previously lived in Wembley before moving to Watford already has a record. In addition to being known for being violent within the area. He has previously been arrested following a search for carrying an offensive weapon following a fight in a nearby village and also car theft in 2017.

The recent spike in ethnic knife crime has been mainly contained to large cities and towns, worryingly, however, it is starting to shift to areas usually considered safe. Increased sentences are needed for those caught with these weapons and if they are not UK born citizens, deportation.

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