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News » UK: Boy violently beaten by ‘diverse’ gang in Bradford, England
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UK: Boy violently beaten by ‘diverse’ gang in Bradford, England

Video footage recently emerged of a boy being violently attacked by a diverse gang in the city of Bradford, England, drawing ire from a former cricket captain and a Bradford rugby league star

Leon Pryce, a former Great Britain, England and Bradford Bulls star, shared on his twitter, condemning the very violent scenes in a video that displays a young boy being repeatedly kicked on his head, after being dragged off his bike in the middle of Centenary Square by a diverse gang of majority South Asians.

In shock, he wrote: “I don’t usually post this kind of stuff but it’s in my city centre. Absolutely disgusting. I hope they find all the people responsible and lock them up….. Why do people just stand by and watch??? DISGUSTING”

Michael Vaughan, the former England cricket captain, added: “This is absolutely disgusting .. Surely these people need to found & charged .. & what’s the security doing!???????????”

This sort of footage, from violent, diverse, ethnic minority gangs, has been increasingly more common both in Britain and in Europe, as European countries turn increasingly more multicultural and diverse.

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