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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised?

What Revolution?

On Friday the 15th of November, the Iranian government basically shut down the internet to ensure that the protests against higher fuel prices could not escalate any further. Since most modern dissidents unite through social media, this was a highly effective move to temporarily take control of the online discourse. This act of massive censorship was condemned by the ‘free’ west. Shutting down dissent is something our western leaders would never dream of doing, this is what they would want you to believe. Their actions, however, do not correspond with their words.

Western Selective Coverage & Blatant Censorship
In Western Europe, the governments have not shut down the entire internet. They utilize different tools to reach the same goals. One of these tools is selective coverage. Take the situation in France for instance, there are yellow vests protests nearly every week for months. These are being countered by extreme police brutality. Our state-run news agencies tend to not pay too much attention to this. Instead, they give wall to wall coverage about the protests in Hong Kong against China, protests in Iran and any protest happening in Russia. There is an agenda behind this, France is a liberal progressive paradise and China, Iran and Russia are our so-called ‘enemies’.  I personally notice a new trend, the most bizarre and brutal footage of what is happening in France is only being seen on social media, our state-run and even private news agencies don’t pick this up. When an officer beats a homosexual in Russia or a protestor in Hong Kong, however, expect a front-page article or prime time attention.

Censorship does happen quite frequently in European countries. Fine examples of this are violent crimes of POC in Germany. When a new diverse ‘German’ chooses to commit another ghastly crime in public, Angela Merel and her government just forbid you to share these images and videos. The people must not be confronted with too much reality, that would not foster an inclusive society. So they try to keep you in the dark, you are not allowed to witness where her policies have led the country. In other European countries, they can arrest you for hate speech when you are critical of one of the holy cows of secular progressive liberalism. The trial against Geert Wilders in the Netherlands is a good example of this, he just wants his country not to be overrun with Moroccans. In the Netherlands, this is a crime for which they will persecute you.

Revolution? Don’t be silly
Revolution? Don’t be silly. Nothing is wrong here!

Other examples include tech censorship, while in Iran the government shuts down the internet. In Europe, it is twitter, YouTube, Facebook or your hosting provider who simply pulls the plug on your outlet. Defend Europa, Red Ice and American Renaissance have all experienced this in different ways. It is not the government who decides we are not to be listened to, private entities do their dirty work for them. Advertisers will pull away from any wrongthink-outlets so we are left without income and will completely depend on volunteers. The free market is not a place for those who hold the wrong opinions, dare to post confronting statistics or ask naughty questions.

Competition, Profit & Bias.
There are several reasons why we are being censored across Europe. News is a business and a business wants to make a profit. Alternative news media are becoming a legitimate competition to traditional media outlets. This threatens their profits and livelihood. To combat this threat they have invented the term ‘fake news’. While I do not deny that fake news actually exists, there is a huge problem with the double standards of applying it. When the state-run or big private media company spread fake news, it is called a ‘mistake’ and they are not fake news. When you as an alternative media outlet commit the same sin, you are a spreader of fake news and you should be shut down to prevent the spread of misinformation. When your government leaders talk about fake news, they never mean that one respected paper. They are talking about the competition of the established media.

Many if not all of the people working at traditional news outlets tend to be progressive liberals, you won’t find any real nationalists there. Diversity of thought is something they cannot allow within their staff. When alternative media starts publishing news from a different perspective and threaten their livelihood while doing this, all bets are off. This is why the traditional media is pro-censorship of people like us. We simply are a threat to their worldview and the income they gain from spreading it. Competition in the ‘free’ market? Not in the arena of media, please.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
As a European nationalist, it is imperative to realize that those who govern us and those who work in media will do anything to hide the truth. Especially when the truth is inconvenient for them. They will ban your media outlets, arrest your politicians or try to leave people in the dark about your protests. It is important to know that if you want to change your country. You will need to able to spread your ideas. Cancel your newspaper subscription, do not watch state-owned news and for the love of God: Support your local alternative media outlets.

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