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UK Knife Crime: Anti-White Media Coverage

Britain's Media is anti-White

The British media has been predictably coy over the country’s knife crime epidemic in recent months, refusing to publish pictures or names of suspects even when this evidence would help police enquiries should anybody recognise them. Of course, we’re all quite aware of their motivations for concealing suspects’ identities; it would alert the public to the racial dimension of this problem, which would harm the establishment’s dystopian multiracial agenda.

Even in an incident that shocked the nation, the cold-blooded murder of 17-year-old Girl Scout Jodie Chesney (pictured below) who was stabbed in the back, the media waited for as long as possible before releasing the fact the attacked is a ‘black male’. And even when they did, this information constitutes a mere footnote. The media coverage prefers to discuss innocuous causes, such as ‘Tory police cuts’ and ‘deprived backgrounds’.

Anti-white Media Coverage

Despite the fact there’s a stabbing practically every day in our nation’s capital, the vast majority of British people have never seen a picture or name of a single suspect.

However, when it transpired there’d been a ‘knife incident’ in Lancashire this week, the media had a video of the entire fiasco almost immediately. It’s being circulated by the UK’s largest private media organisation, into the minds of millions. So what’s the difference? Well, in this instance, all those captured on camera are white.

But before we join the chorus of ‘it’s not about race’, let us briefly check the particulars of this case. Firstly, nobody died. In fact, nobody was even really hurt. Of course, it’s still problematic, but the video doesn’t even show a knife being brandished. All we see are some obscured white faces walking around outside what appears to be a college.

Yet, despite the fairly innocuous nature of this event, the media still sees fit to saturate itself with coverage; an opportune issue with which to camouflage the horrific murder of Jodie by a vicious black thug.

The reality of knife crime is that white people don’t really do it. Statistics obtained by The Telegraph in 2010 show that specifically black African men commit almost 50% of London’s knife crime, despite being around 6% of its population. This is before taking Pakistani offenders into account.

But nevermind all that; a few white guys threatened somebody on one occasion, which apparently negates the reality of the situation.

What this sequence of events reminds us is that the media’s coverage of knife crime in the United Kingdom is inherently anti-White.

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