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EU candidate leaders: a dangerously comic cocktail of incompetence, treachery and globalism

White smoke has risen from the chimney, the new leaders who will guide the European Union for the next 5 years have been, for the most part, chosen. And they’re all freaking awful, leaving one wonder if the EU is not self-sabotaging itself

With much enthusiasm, the EU Council Press has announced the appointment of their new leaders, supposedly the fittest for the tasks and problems that will arise until 2024. So let’s have a look at these fresh faces, beacons of competence and popularity within their own countries. Ladies first.

Ursula Von der Leyen – For starters, her nomination comes as especially controversial since she did not campaign a single day in order to be elected for office, which European MPs have said would be a crucial qualification for anyone to take the EU’s top post. The first woman ever leading the German Defense ministry, Von der Leyen, a special kind of incompetent and nepotic has faced a parliamentary investigation in December last year, over claims of poor management and nepotism in relation to her department’s awarding of contracts and close relationship with defence consultants. Ursula was also embroiled in a scandal about possible plagiarism and errors in her doctorate.

Christian LaGarde, former France’s Finance Minister, with also a history of incompetence and corruption, has been found guilty in 2016 of negligence by a French court over a massive payout to a tycoon when she was finance minister.

Lagarde was found to be at fault for failing to challenge a €404 million compensation payout to businessman Bernard Tapie over the sale of the Adidas sports brand to Credit Lyonnais bank. LaGarde was never fined or faced prison.

The candidate for the new President of the European Council, the Belgian Charles Michel, a known globalist and a supporter of the insane UN migration pact which makes migration a human right, has said “My country will be on the right side of history!” as he signed the pact which effectively ends the sovereignty of European countries over their own borders Worldwide. He offered his resignation just days after one of his main coalition partners quit in a row over migration.

Last but not least, we take a turn to Southern Europe with the Spanish Josep, Borrel Fontelles, as the candidate for High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. With his track already stained (seems like it’s a pre-requirement in the EU nowadays), Borrell ordered the sale of 9,030 euros ($10,400) of Abengoa SA shares in November 2015 when he had access to private information as a board member of the Spanish renewable energy company. The shares didn’t belong to Borrell but to a person close to him and the investigation began last year, the CNMV said. The socialist politician ended up being fined in 30,000 euros by the regulatory body considering that he committed a “very serious infraction” when using privileged information in said operation.

This brand new basket of appointed European politicians proposed to represent the people, most of them drawn in corruption scandals, accusations of nepotism or simply incompetence, are tragically comic indeed, leaving one wonder if European Union politicians don’t want to want to sabotage the Union themselves.

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