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News » The best tourism ad you can ever have – ADL threatens to slander Iceland over circumcision ban
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The best tourism ad you can ever have – ADL threatens to slander Iceland over circumcision ban

The powerful Jewish-American organization Anti-Defamation League or ADL for short is at it again, ironically enough, threatening to defame a whole country over a new proposed bill which would ban circumcision practices in Iceland.

A major scandal broke out last week as a letter from the ADL was revealed by an Icelandic Twitter user. The letter, submitted by John Greenblatt, dated from 18th of March 2018 first starts by implying that such ban is antisemitic, lecturing Icelanders on ‘compelling’ reasons on a ban against male circumcision.

After the same old rhetoric about human rights and civil liberties, constantly throwing the anti-semitic. The letter, however, takes a much darker tone on the second part, the ADL starts threatening Iceland reporting on so-called ‘extremist praise’ for Iceland, if such demands aren’t met.

It reads: “ADL has studied the pervasiveness of anti-Semitic content on social media, and we know that a relatively small number of extremists are able to amplify their message quickly and broadly through social media. ADL regularly reports on such phenomena, and we wíll report on extremist praise for Iceland. We urge you to consider the significant media attention, in the U.S, and internationally, paid to ADL reports on extremism. In the past six months alone, our research and experts have been featured on CNN and other cable TV channels, NBC and other broadcast TV, on 60 Minuíes, the most-watched TV news magazine in America, and in leading newspapers, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.”

The most chilling aspect of the letter comes at the end, where they finish with:
“Given that 28% of Iceland’s tourists came from North America in 2016, Iceland’s standing in the U.S. should be of great concern from an economic perspective, We are confident that the vast majority of American tourists will avoid a country whose reputation is associated with Nazism, even if that association is not justified. Individually, any of these three arguments should convince you to oppose a ban on male circumcision, Collectively, they should compel you to make the right decision and oppose the proposed ban.”

The ADL, like the vicious mob as it likes to present itself, finishes the letter while arrogantly saying that it wouldn’t mind at all to ruin the reputation of Iceland and it’s tourism industry even if not justified, just to keep their ancient Middle Eastern male mutilation practices in the country.

Fortunately, there are many European tourists eager to visit Iceland every year who couldn’t care less about tamper tantrums from arrogant and mob-like organizations on the other side of the pond.

Have you visited Iceland already by the way?


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