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Syrian Region Homs Ready For Return Of Asylum Seekers

Syria refugees return Homs

The Western Syrian region of Homs has stated that it is ready to accept returnees from neighbouring countries, having met the security requirements for a normal life.

The authorities of the region of Homs have stated that they built 5000 new homes for refugees who can now return, reports the news agency TASS. The possibility of employment has also been announced.

“I want to stress once again that the administration of the region of Homs is ready to accept refugees, especially from the camp Rukban, and to provide all necessary assistance. We know that people are suffering inhumane conditions in that camp, so we have to do everything possible to stop that,” said the deputy governor of the region, Amir al-Khalil.

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Al-Khalil especially emphasised the opportunity of employment and highlighted that schools had been built near the homes and that teachers would be employed who would intensively work on the education of pupils so as to make up for lost time.

“More than 1300 schools have been reconstructed in the Homs region, they are ready to accept pupils, especially children from the Rukban camp,” said al-Khalil.

The camp in question is located in the Al-Tanf safe zone, where there is also an american military base. Entrance to that zone is controlled by rebel terrorist groups. According to data from the WHO, some 40 000 people are are there, most of whom are women and children.

The Russian ministry of defence announced on the 5. of March that 300 new graves had been discovered near a graveyard in the vicinity of the camp.

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This is an English translation of a Croatian article which first appeared here.

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