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Sweden YES! 4 BOMBINGS in 24 Hours

sweden yes!

Swedes had an explosive day this Tuesday, with up to 4 bombings taking place across the once idyllic country in 24 hours. BIZARRELY, very little is being reported about this in the international press. Sweden YES!

Once peaceful and quiet Sweden is resembling a war zone. This many bombings seems to be a new record for the country, and it’s only January… Even 4 bombings in just one year would be a lot in times past but now it happens almost once a day. This time around the explosions seem to be a consequence of criminal gangs fighting each other.

The locations:

  • A Pizzeria in Stockholm suburb bombed
  • A Pizzeria in Gothenburg bombed

Forget the Rapedemic, Sweden also has a bombing problem now.

Predictably, the ethnicities of the perpetrators are not mentioned anywhere, but if we compare certain ethnicities against crime statistics in other countries as well as Sweden…

We get a clearer picture. Sweden YES!

As many have explained before, the ‘immigrants’ and fakefugees are coming to Europe almost exclusively to live off of welfare. It’s the sad and harsh truth that no one wants to talk about. It is what leads to situations like these. No more. Stop the welfare spending and watch as the migrants and fakefugees pack up and leave on their own!

As the president of the US has said:

No more migration.

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