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News » Sweden: 116 hand grenade attacks in the last 7 years
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Sweden: 116 hand grenade attacks in the last 7 years

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The number of hand grenades attacks has exploded in the last years in Sweden. In 2011 only two hand grenades was detonated in Sweden. In 2016 that figure skyrocketed to a whopping 39, with over half of those happening in Stockholm.

From 2011 to 2018, a total of 2018 were detonated in Sweden, which over 46 were in Stockholm, 27 in Malmo and 13 in Gothenburg, the 3 Swedish largest cities. These figures come from a study by researchers at the Institute for ‘Future Studies’ and Malmo University.

The high incidence of hand grenades crime is unique to Sweden and is received with surprise in other countries, the research says.
– “When we talk to police officers and researchers in other countries, one gets very surprised that we have hand grenade attacks. It occurs in other countries, but very sporadically. We do not see this amount of hand grenades in peacetime in other European countries”, according to Amir Rostami.

Oddly enough, the researchers say they have struggled to answer why the number of hand grenade attacks has increased. Maybe correlating these numbers with the thousands of people received by Sweden every year, from highly dysfunctional Middle Eastern societies would help with their research.

Hand grenade crime in Sweden has gotten so dire that even the Swedish police has suggested for those storing grenades to willingly hand them to police, facing no repercussions.

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