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News » Spain: ‘transgender’ 8-year-old boy ‘Elsa’ cheered in Extremadura’s regional assembly
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Spain: ‘transgender’ 8-year-old boy ‘Elsa’ cheered in Extremadura’s regional assembly

Extremadura is a quiet region of Spain, sandwiched between Portugal and Madrid. The region, which has not seen much of the migrant crisis these past 4 years that has swayed Europe and continues to be one of the most genuine of Spain so far, makes up through another way: far-left ‘progressivism’ and cultural liberalism

‘Elsa’ Ramos is an eight-year-old ‘transgender’ boy and is being considered a nationwide phenomenon in the fight for ‘LGBTI rights’, compared with Greta Thunberg, the globalist puppet fighting for the new climate change religion.

“My name is Elsa and I’m 8 years old. This is not the first time people have spoken at the Extremadura Assembly. Four years ago my mother told me my story here. I am a transsexual girl, I live in Arroio de San Serván and for the last four years living a very important path: the path to my happiness “. This is how the boy’s speech began at the Spanish Autonomous Community Assembly of Extremadura. It’s still necessary to remember that I have the right to call it a symptom and that, four years later, the errors are a little strange. One might doubt that I am a trans girl,” said the boy who allegedly feels he is a girl since he was 4 years old.

According to Spanish media, ‘Elsa’ Ramos has been a member of the Triangle Foundation for four years, an NGO that fights for LGTBI rights throughout Spain.

Elsa’s parents are another essential support in the girl’s life. Mother Anabel Pastor, who already attended the Assembly’s first plenary meeting against LGBTIphobic in 2014, stressed that the boy “has not suffered any harassment” but is hopeful that her son who thinks he is a daughter can “live in a world without hatred”, clearly no virtue signalling or pressure of the mother whatsoever in this case.

Several MPs have already expressed their support for Elsa, including the far-leftist mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, who said she “cannot think of words that are more important or precise than those spoken by Elsa.”

Suicide Attempts among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Adults are among some of the highest in the World at 45%.

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