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News » Eurocrat Proposes a Single Euro-African Economic Area: “It would have an enormous potential!”
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Eurocrat Proposes a Single Euro-African Economic Area: “It would have an enormous potential!”

Guy verhofstadt

According to the leader of ALDE Group (European Liberals in the EU parliament), the European Union and Africa should form a single economic area, it would have after all, “an enormous potential!”

This weekend, the Eurogroup ALDE is having some fun outside of Europe, with a conference called ALDEPAC, being hosted in Cape Town, South Africa, where many European descendants are being increasingly encroached on by the ANC in the country, while most European leaders remain apathetic towards those issues. Nevertheless, Mr Verhofstadt is there to spread his liberal economic doctrines, trying to forge alliances with alleged liberal parties in Africa.

His approximation to Africa, however, does not end here. He envisions a great economic area between Europe and Africa, able to rival China, by stating “Let’s create a single Euro-African economic area. It would have an enormous potential that remains untapped: 1.5 billion consumers, 20 trillion in value, able to rival with China.”

It’s not the first time that Eurocrats have proposed and promised free trade deals with this highly unstable region of the World, which doesn’t share much in common with Europe at all. A Schengen area (free open borders zone) with the continent would see millions of people moving from poorer countries in Africa to Europe, ending Europe as we know it even faster.

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