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Salvini Effectively Fighting Mass Immigration, Reducing it


Seven months have passed since the Italian Populist government was formed, many themes were touched and discussed, but immigration was clearly one of the most important ones.
Salvini, as Minister of the Interior Affairs, has worked hard since day one to fight off the ongoing invasion of illegal aliens and seven months later, official statistics prove that his actions have paid off.

The statistics come directly from the Viminale, the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior and they provide interesting insight into the ongoing immigration crisis and its development.

Statistics courtesy of the Italian Ministry of the Interior Affairs

In 2016 181.436 non-European illegals landed in Italy, 119.369 in 2017 and 23.370 in 2018. Since Salvini took office the situation changed drastically, in 2018 there were around 100k fewer illegals landing in Italy. A very important step but certainly not the final one, the 23.370 who did manage to land (most of them before Salvini took office, which happened the First of June) are still an issue and the main objective of Salvini’s party is to bring that number down to 0.

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