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Sadomasochist ‘progressive’ punk rock band to represent Iceland in Eurovision

Iceland has picked the song “Hatrið mun sigra” (“Hate Will Prevail”) by the band Hatari, literally translating to ‘Hater’ in Icelandic. It will be Iceland’s entry in this year’s Eurovision song contest that will be hosted in Tel Aviv in May

The ‘colourful’ Icelandic band, Hatari, a BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) techno-punk band, won Iceland’s Söngvakeppnin national competition on this Saturday night and will represent the Nordic country in this year at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The very progressive band who doesn’t mind to openly show their sexual tastes to everyone in the audience, after winning its national selection competition in Iceland stated they accepted the honour of being Iceland’s Eurovision champions with “apprehensive respect,” and remarked that their victory brought them “one step closer to taking down capitalism.”

In a Stundin interview, Hatari revealed to that being disqualified and cancelling Iceland’s participation in this year’s Eurovision would be the ideal outcome. During a video interview for the national selection Icelandic music contest, the band cast scorn on the entire Eurovision song contest itself by saying:

“The competition is one of the largest-ever international events that has been hosted in Israel,” they said. “The competition is an image of glamour, a lie, whitewashing, a machine of propaganda and a mill of treachery. Our goal is to uncover this mill of treachery.”

Cultural Marxism is running rampant in Eurovision this year, especially for Western European countries, with a gay Moroccan Arab competing for France this year and another Arab of Egyptian origins running for Italy. Hatari are the latest being added to this list, claiming that a show where most of the competitors are European countries, that the show is ‘whitewashed’. Ironic for a band where all the members are white. Another peculiar detail from this band is how much they want to try to look like an anti-establishment voice, when the media, academia, and most establishment politicians parrot their exact same points.

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