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News » Reparations for colonialism, no criminal racial profiling and more welfare for Africans on EU newest resolution
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Reparations for colonialism, no criminal racial profiling and more welfare for Africans on EU newest resolution

The European Union outdid itself once again! In the newest resolution adopted last Tuesday, 26th of March, the EU passed a framework where “MEPs call on the EU and its member states to take measures to tackle the structural racism people of African descent face in Europe.”

In a very Social Justice Warrior fashion, the EU passed a regressive resolution this Tuesday, with 535 votes in favour to 80 against, and 44 abstentions, where the European Parliament urges the EU, its institutions and national authorities “to develop anti-racism policies and stop discrimination; in the fields of education, housing, health, criminal justice, political participation and migration.”

In the press release of this resolution, the writers try to justify their regressive bill in the “light of increasing Afrophobic attacks, MEPs call on the European Commission and EU member states to acknowledge the racist, discriminatory and xenophobic suffering of Afro-Europeans, and offer proper protection against these inequalities to ensure that hate crimes are suitably investigated, prosecuted and sanctioned. Additionally, people of African descent should be taken into account more in current funding programmes and in the next multiannual financial framework (2021-2027).” With the last sentence meaning that hardly earned European tax money will end up in the hands of Africans living in Europe because the European members of Parliament have a tremendous need to virtue signal to their peers while living in their bubble in Brussels.

The regressive agenda goes on even further, wanting to end racial profiling in the light that “the frequent use of racial and ethnic profiling in criminal law enforcement, counter-terrorism measures and immigration control” cause numerous violent incidents and deaths that have occurred while the alleged African criminals are in custody and urging member states to end this practice.

The cherry on the top of the cake of this resolution, however, is the call for reparations because of crimes against humanity during colonialism. “The resolution encourages EU institutions and member states to address and rectify past injustices and crimes against humanity, perpetrated in the name of European colonialism.” Suggesting carrying out reparations, like apologising publicly (even further than their current sorrow) and return stolen artefacts to their countries of origin. “Parliament also calls on EU countries to declassify their colonial archives, as well as to present a comprehensive perspective on colonialism and slavery in the educational curricula,” meaning even more indoctrinated guilt in the education system towards Europeans because of something none of them took part of, in the last century.

This lovely resolution ends up with the background and the whys of its conception in the first place. It claims that Africans living in Europe face “persistent discrimination and are subject to deeply rooted negative stereotyping” and “evidence suggests that Afro-European children receive lower grades at school than their white counterparts, and their rate of early school leaving is markedly higher.”

Maybe looking at global IQ maps and seeing how Africa is doing on the charts would help European MPs understand why ‘Afro-European children’ receive lower grades than their white counterparts. It’s not the first time that Eurocrats show such blatant Afrophilia in detriment of Europeans themselves, with Guy Verhofstadt calling for a Euro-African Single Economic Area not too long ago.


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