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The Rape of Sweden’s Children

Sweden's Children

The Spectator Index released their world rape report some time ago which tracks the number of rapes per 100.000 women. Strangely, we see once idyllic Sweden in second place outmached only by the Sub-Saharan country of South Africa. This beautiful and industrious nation has in recent years seen a very sharp rise in crime rates which its modest police force could not cope with. Sweden’s children suffer the most…

Sweden's children
Sweden in second place.

Here are statistics from BRÅ, the Swedish bureau for crime statistics.

– 7 840 reported rapes in 2018
– Half of the victims are children aged 0-17 years old
– 29% of the victims are younger than 15 years old
– A 13% increase in child rape from 2017 to 2018

To show how bad it has become in Sweden here is some context:

  • In 2016 the number of reported rapes was 6560, which was a 13% increase from 2015.
  • In 2017 the number of reported rapes was 7230, a 10% increase from the year before.
  • In 2018 that number rose to 7840, an 8% increase and a new record.

Also, strangely, almost half of Swedish women in their 20s are afraid and feel insecure in their everyday lives, fearful they could be victims of various crimes. I wonder why…Leftist said that the people coming into Europe were peace-loving… a religion of peace

Islam, the major faith that the vast majority of these ‘men’ sport, isn’t exactly congruent with Western civilisation, or any ‘civilisation’ that Western people would call ‘civilised’. There’s a rather bizarre ‘cultural’ acceptance of child and cousin marriages, which is what leads to what we are seeing happen in Europe nowadays.

Sweden's children ...
Radical Islamist throws a gay man off a roof. But they can integrate into society, you see.

So, what has happened to Sweden? If you ask the mainstream media and Left wing reporters, the big increase in the number of rapes is due to women suddenly starting to report on them…

But if we look at the victims, now in Sweden not only women are being raped – since the enourmous immigration from the dysfunctional Middle East in 2015, many young boys have also been raped and gang raped by ‘refugees‘ as a punishment, due to the ‘culture‘ in Afghanistan.

Bizarrely, at the same time that the crime rate has risen, immigration has also risen, particularly from the 3rd world, namely the Middle East and Northern Africa. One might almost say the two are related.

It is a simple equation, if these people were not in Europe, we simply would not be witnessing the problems that they bring with them. We have problems of our own, we don’t need other ‘peoples’ problems, too.

As many have said before: Sweden’s children must come first. Europeans must come first. Enough is enough.

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