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“Portuguese” criminals over-represented in London

When you first hear the words ‘Portuguese mafia of London’, it comes up to my mind a moustachy gang with big black leashes while smoking cigarettes in some shady business. Well, my dear reader, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Turns out that the ‘Portuguese mafia of London’, isn’t Portuguese at all but Africans from Portugal’s suburbs

It is already known that the capital of the United Kingdom has a very high rate of African crime as in its Portuguese counterpart, Lisbon, but unfortunately, most of the crime committed on the behalf of the Portuguese is made by Africans with Portuguese citizenship. Most of them have obtained an EU passport after entering Portugal from the country’s former African colonies such as Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde.

In this tweet, from August 2017 from the London’s Metropolitan Police Service, we can see in the picture a gang from Stratford who was sentenced to 28 years for drug trafficking, anti-social behaviour and intimidation in the Stratford area. ‘Portuguese men’ such as Bruno da Silva, Evanildo Gomes, José Mário Sá, Joelson, Balde, and Tito Cassule.

However, the waves of crime from Africans with Portuguese citizenship do not stop there. We have more examples like Edir da Costa who died after being restrained by British police, according to ‘The Portugal News’, could have had links to the ‘Portuguese Mafia’ group.

In another sort of crimes we also the example of Samuel Fortes, a 27-year-old who was sentenced for life but with a minimum sentence of 8 years in jail for brutally assaulting and raping a young British girl in Leeds last year. The girl, who was 19 at the time, was left with extensive facial and dental injuries, as well as cuts and bruises.

In this wave of sexual crimes we have also Marcos Amaral Gourgel, a homeless Portuguese (actually Angolan) man whose Labour leader, Jeremy Corbin was very moved by his death in the London Tube, yards away from the British parliament, when in reality turns out Gourgel was actually a paedophile who had already been evicted and deported from the UK twice.

The ‘rough sleeper’ Marcos Gourgel was actually a convicted paedophile who had been deported from the UK twice.

The cherry on the top of the cake is, however the group of ‘Portuguese Jihadists’ who most of them by now were probably killed or have gone missing after the International Coalition wiped out the Islamic State.

In this screenshot from 4 years ago, we can see that two ‘Portuguese’ Jihadists released a propaganda video on the eve of the deadly Bataclan terrorist attacks in Paris. These two Islamists were actually part of a broader group of Africans with Portuguese nationality in London who joined and fought for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Although most of them were killed in combat or gone missing, Lisbon has previously said it would not be revoking their nationality but said it would look at stricter rules for foreigners applying to become Portuguese (in reality the Portuguese nationality law actually became softer).

This wave of African criminality reveals a deeply worrying situation for both countries’ governments. Their immigration and nationality/ citizenship systems are terribly broken, allowing criminals from the 3rd World to easily migrate between one another and commit crimes wherever they please. In this case, staining the reputation of the Portuguese people and committing crimes in their name.

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