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News » Portugal: Violent African Rioters Burn Buses and Bins
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Portugal: Violent African Rioters Burn Buses and Bins

In the Portuguese capital of Lisbon and its suburbs, violent African rioters have set on fire dozens of bins, buses and private vehicles, stoning the police and even firefighters, 7 days in a row by now

The Portuguese capital and its surrounding areas have been hit by a wave of violent African riots, happening over a week by now, after a video emerged on social media of police defending themselves in a very problematic borough where the African residents resorted to stonings and other violent means to stop an arrest.

This dawn, 6 recycling bins have been burnt by these African rioters in the parish of Corroios, Seixal municipality, south of Lisbon. Yesterday, on Saturday, the firefighters were called in Loures, north of Lisbon, after more recycling bins were set on fire and seeing their firefighter bus stoned, the firefighters called the police, ending in the police officers themselves being stoned too.

A youngster was also stabbed by a ‘friend’ over disagreements on the violent protest that occurred in Liberty Avenue in Lisbon earlier this week, not to forget as well the Molotov cocktails thrown at police stations.

On Thursday, a bus was set on fire in Setúbal, a large city just south of Lisbon. The PSP (Public Safety Police) arrested “a child under the age of 16” and identified two children under the age of 13 and 14 – who were delivered to their parents.

Pictured: bus burnt by young Africans in the Bela Vista borough, Setúbal, just south of Lisbon.

This wave of angry African violent riots has been happening for over a week by now, creating rifts in Portuguese society with progressive and ‘anti-racism’ groups under fire, with a Senegalese immigrant, Mamadou Ba, leader of a movement called ‘SOS Racism’ and assessor of a far-leftist party calling the Portuguese security forces ‘piece of shit cops’, drawing anger and the ire of the average Portuguese citizen, ironically having himself to ask for police escorts over such backlash.

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