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News » Portugal: violent African mobs throw Molotov cocktails at police stations
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Portugal: violent African mobs throw Molotov cocktails at police stations

A series of violent African riots have been happening across the Lisbon area after on Sunday, a viral video emerged on social media of police officers arresting a person of African origin while self-defending themselves from a series of stonings and other violent acts from the inhabitants of the very problematic borough

Several people of African origin gathered this Tuesday, 22nd of January to make a series of violent riots, across Portugal’s capital Lisbon, its outskirts, as well as Setúbal, a nearby large city.

The vandalism acts started yesterday when 4 police vehicles were set on fire in Odivelas municipality (Lisbon’s outskirts), where the Africans used Molotov cocktails to set them on fire. A 18-year-old was already arrested and 3 others were identified. In another area of the same municipality, there were 11 garbage containers set on fire and the flames caused damage on another 5 vehicles who were parked in the area.

In Lisbon’s most luxurious avenue, Avenidade da Liberdade, there was also a series of violent riots from the Africans living in the borough where the viral video was filmed, ending out in a shooting and more stonings, where 4 people were detained, and several police officers were seriously injured and many vehicles damaged as well.

The headquarters of the PSP (Public Safety Police) in Bela Vista borough were also hit by a series of Molotov cocktails by another African mob in the city of Setúbal, a city a few kilometres south of Lisbon.

Pictured: Police collecting evidence in Bela Vista’s Police Station in Setúbal, on the aftermath of the blaze

These series of very violent riots from people of African origin have been occurring since last Sunday all the way through Monday until today, Tuesday, causing many losses and damages for both public and private property across Lisbon area and angering the average Portuguese citizen who provides for the welfare (and spare time) of these people and has a very high trust and confidence levels on its police force.

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