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News » Portugal: Socialist Party embroiled in more nepotism scandals, party still polled as 1st for nearby elections
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Portugal: Socialist Party embroiled in more nepotism scandals, party still polled as 1st for nearby elections

You would think that the international mainstream media actually doing their job for once and reporting on nepotism scandals from the Social Party in the country would shy away the leaders of the party from hiring friends and relatives? Well, think again.

The Portuguese Socialist Party crony and bold nepotism came to light back in late March, titled – Family affair rocks Portuguese government – António Costa’s Socialists hit back at accusations of nepotism by Politico. After February’s government reshuffle, the Cabinet now features a married couple and a father-daughter pair, prompting allegations of nepotism from the opposition. The leader of the centre-‘right’ party, who now disavows any connections to the right PSD (Socialist Democrat Party) Rui Rio funnily said that “The Council of Ministers looks like a Christmas dinner.”

The family ties in Portugal’s government don’t stop at Cabinet level. According to Portuguese newspaper Jornal Económico, 27 people with family links either to one another or to senior Socialist politicians, hold or used to hold jobs in state institutions during Costa’s term of office as prime minister.

Again in late July/ early August, more nepotism scandals unsurprisingly break out from the party, but the Socialist party again sweeps it under the rug as it always does. The Civil Protection Unit, a Unit that was formed in order to better coordinate security forces in case of a catastrophe is now a complete puppet of Socialist Party. Since April 2017 until June that year, there were 13 new appointees for district commanders and at least three of them had direct links to the Socialist Party. The latest scandal in this Unit, however, comes after a company sold flammable gear to the Civil Protection (that later handed it to the population in a case of potential fire) is from the husband of a mayor of that same party. A few days later, it also became known that companies of the father, mother, brother of the Minister of Culture themselves made contracts with the state. The father of Pedro Nuno Santos, Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, and husband of Francisca Van Dunem, Minister of Justice, also have contracts with the public sector.

The Socialist Party in Portugal is completely corrupted to the core, and that is if it hasn’t born that way, with the now-deceased founder, Mário Soares embroiled in many corruption scandals such as the Macau case, accusations of money laundering on his foundation and much more. But does this sway any from voting in the embodiment of nepotism in Portugal?

As we can see, it clearly doesn’t sway Portuguese voters from voting in the Socialist Party, the more corrupts in the government the merrier! With leftist parties polling better than ever, being the old crony nepotists from the Socialist Party (PS in the poll), the intersectional Communists from Bloco de Esquerda (BE) or the useless suburban green party PAN who values more the life of your pet than your own, things look grim in the coming October Elections in Portugal. With a ‘conservative right-wing’ parties playing as either centre-left (PSD) or libertarian parties (CDS) nowadays, however, now it’s the perfect time for a real right-wing populist party to rise and strike a blow on this deeply corrupted and rotten system.

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