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Portugal: African immigrants demand special benefits and affirmative action while criticizing host country

Portugal, the quiet little country nestled between Spain and the Atlantic shores is a bit less quiet these days. Ever since a large African diaspora was imported in the late 60s, still at the time of the Estado Novo regime, during its dictatorship years, their numbers grew larger, however, since the regime was very authoritarian, it managed to keep safety and order through force. Now the tale is different.

It’s already known that Lisbon and its suburbs host a very large community of Africans who often commits violence, sometimes ending up in death, only the police managing to keep order and safety in these neighbourhoods. However even more imported than the African communities in Portugal, are the new ‘woke’ and ‘intersectional’ mentalities from the United States. Besides organizing in groups that quickly end up in violent protests and riots like the ones that happened in Lisbon in late January where thousands of euros in property were burnt or destroyed after police was chased from an African neighbourhood where it was actually called to end a brawl, this new imported American ‘wokeness’ is already widespread among the media, vilifying Portuguese officers and undermining the work of the police. Criminals = good, Police = bad.

Worse than the demonization of the Portuguese police, who risks their lives in order to protect the common citizen and ensure some order in these Africanized neighbourhoods, it’s the Africans who are now trying to achieve positions of power in the coming elections in October. Infiltrated in the far-left, some of them already being employed and paid with tax-payers money, like Mamadou Ba, a Parliament assessor, Senegalese with Portuguese citizenship and president of the movement ‘SOS Racism’ called Portuguese Police ‘shitty cops’. Ironically, the reaction towards his statement sparked so much fury to the public, that he needed police protection himself.

Fast forwarding a few months, and we have a gift that keeps on giving, Joacine Katar Moreira, the black Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman from Guinea Bissau who ran for European parliament elections for the far-left party LIVRE, who claimed in a very crowded theatre room that ‘Europe is not white‘, the audience, of mainly white European far-leftists, who was equally deranged, cheered for their demise. Her ‘wokeness’ actually cost votes for the party in the European elections, but they are confident that she will win a sit in October in the national elections.

In June, SIC, a Portuguese news station with ties to Bilderberg group made a special report, divided in three called ‘Invisibles’, basically a crying tale of how black people are invisible in Portuguese society because despite making whatever % they make of the country (Portugal doesn’t even hold racial census), claiming that they are seen as lesser due to not being present in positions of power, not having quotas for entering university or public office. In the last segment of the report another Senegalese African woman, Beatriz Dias, running for Parliament of another far-left party, Bloco de Esquerda which is actually well polled, claimed “the fact that Portugal had a colonial project, occupied territories in African countries, subjugated and destroyed civilizations, all contributed to creating an idea of white superiority over others,” and that of course that it had be corrected with social justice.

Now, finally, the reason for this article to be made. Yesterday, July the 6th, an article was written for a far-leftist newspaper Público by historian Maria Fátima Bonifácio. In her article, titled ‘Can we? No, we can not. – Quotas for blacks and gypsies are nothing but an egalitarian multiculturalist Farse. We can not integrate by decree’, she accurately said that “The gypsies, above all, are unassimilable: organized in families, clans and tribes, they maintain the same habits of life and the same values as when they were nomads … Africans are openly racist: they hate whites bluntly, and they detest each other when they come from tribes or rival ‘nationalities’.” As you can imagine, it’s still Sunday and the autistic screeching by far-left is being more than evident.

The response was especially spiteful from Joacine Katar Moreira, in a video, she claimed that Portugal and European societies in general are no longer homogenous, that the historian lived in a ‘surrealist and fantasy World’ and that ‘she needs help to be integrated in the real World’ where there are ‘people like her’, retweeting her video and further saying that integration policies for neo-fascists are needed (basically, that diversity will be forced upon European natives, and they will like it).

Portugal is walking a dangerous path, racial tensions with these imported minorities are at their highest, crime is rising across the Lisbon area with news of robberies and stabbings rising from the capital every week, with the police force being further discredited by the mainstream media and now possibly with these new African ‘woke’ politicians, no one knows where this will quite end. But it won’t be pretty for sure.

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