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News » Portugal: VIOLENT African Immigrants Arrested After Throwing STONES at Police
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Portugal: VIOLENT African Immigrants Arrested After Throwing STONES at Police


Clashes between African immigrant residents of the Jamaica neighborhood in Seixal and police took place last Sunday in downtown Lisbon, causing fierce tension in one of the busiest areas of the capital of Portugal. The ungrateful immigrants threw STONES at police officers, after the officials came to break up a clash between the immigrants themselves.

The police were attacked with stones, having responded with warning shots, reports CM. There are several wounded and four detainees. Official source of the PSP confirmed the four arrests and that there was a need for dispersion tactics, several shots were fired to fend off rioters, who threw stones at civilian vehicles, police officers and agents who were present.

“Four arrests were made in the aftermath of the clashes on the descent of the Avenue. There were a few warning shots, rubber-to-air, for dispersion. There was a need to disperse these protestors who reacted by throwing cobblestones.” said the Metropolitan Command of Lisbon (Cometlis) of PSP, in a statement.

“The moods are calm now, the city is safe, but we will stay here until they totally disperse,” He also added that a few police cars were damaged by the violent criminals.

It all started with a group of about 50 rioters from the Jamaica neighborhood that began by stoning the police at the Ministry of Internal Affairs at Terreiro do Paço in Lisbon. Then they dispersed toward Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon, followed by Restauradores and Rossio, where they began to stone cars and commercial establishments, even throwing firecrackers at the PSP. The circulation of traffic was cut by the perpetrators of the disturbances near the roundabout of the Marquis of Pombal, before the police intervened. There are several police vehicles next to the Restauradores Square still present in order to stop further tensions.

The mess in downtown Lisbon

Something that the media will forget to mention (I wonder why) is that these Africans are actual legal immigrants, who came to Portugal between 10-15 years ago.

This is an example of ‘integrated Africans’. “Integrated.” Rioting in a capital and attacking police and civilians with stones and firecrackers? “Integrated.”

A leader of an anti-racism group, SOS Racismo, an African, a Leftist, bashed Portuguese policemen, for defending their countrymen from African criminals who clearly tried to harm them.

Adviser to the Left Bloc in the Assembly of the Republic, Mamadou Ba, referred to the police as “bullshit” in a facebook post, published after the riots of the African immigrants.

Shocking. Who could have imagined this happening?

This is what we can expect to happen across the whole continent, as analysts have concluded, as we have seen it happen, ever since 2015. This is why populists are gaining a foothold in Europe, the citizenry find themselves in an obscene situation, and are voting for safety. No diverse terrorist attacks in Poland and Croatia, for example.

As many have said before: diversity + proximity = conflict.

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