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Populist Marine Le Pen Appeals To Yellow Vests During EU Election Campaign Launch


On January 13th, France’s Populist National Rally party leader Marine Le Pen launched her campaign for the May 26 European Parliamentary elections by delivering a speech to thousands in Paris who chanted, “Macron, resignation!”

Over the vociferous war cries of the large crowd, Le Pen declared, “The battle is now between nationalists and globalists.”

Throughout the speech she appealed to the Mouvement des gilets jaunes (Yellow Vest Movement), denouncing the European Union and French President Emmanuel Macron as agents of globalization who have nothing but utter contempt for ordinary working people.

“The European Union as it stands is a menace to our identity and to our security,” Le Pen proclaimed.

Last weekend marked the tenth straight week of protests against Macron’s policies which they say favor the elite class. Hundreds of thousands of French men and women have taken part in these demonstrations.

The yellow vest movement has posed a serious threat to Macron and his government’s legitimacy. What began as discontentment over a proposed fuel tax hike has quickly spiraled into extreme resentment and animosity. Demonstrators and police alike have repeatedly resorted to violence due to their antipathy towards one another.

Le Pen – narrowly defeated by Macron in the 2017 Presidential election – urged the hundreds of thousands of yellow vest protestors to punish the sitting president this Spring.

During the emotional speech, she said, “In the context of the healthy popular revolt of the yellow vests, this European election on May 26, 2019… offers the opportunity to unravel the political crisis born out of blindness, intransigence, class contempt, economic despoliation, and the human disconnect of a president.”

She went on to say, “If Macron does not have the wisdom to go back to the people by dissolving parliament, then let the political arbitrage come from European elections.”

Just recently, Macron published a letter in a number of French newspapers where he called for a “national debate” on reform in the coming two months, which should lead to a brand-new “contract for the nation” which he would draft by April.

He noted, “The debate ought to focus on taxation, bureaucracy, environmentalism, and democratic participation… No questions are banned.”

Macron added, “This is how I intend, with you, to transform anger into solutions. If everyone is being aggressive to everyone else, society falls apart.”

Since the beginning of the yellow vest Demonstrations, Le Pen’s National Rally has gained ground in the polls. An Ipsos poll in mid-December gave NR 24 percent support against 18 percent for Macron’s LREM party.

Even though the yellow vests have no de-facto leader and are not officially connected to any political party or union, the movement does share many of the demands of populist National Rally party. Included among these demands is direct democracy via Swiss-style referendums, the president’s resignation, France’s exit from the EU, and proportional representation in parliament, just to name a few.

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