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News » UK: Incompetent Careerist Police Chief Calls for Racist Diversification of Metropolitan Police
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UK: Incompetent Careerist Police Chief Calls for Racist Diversification of Metropolitan Police


Radical new laws should allow police to positively discriminate in favour of minority ethnic recruits, otherwise the ranks of officers will be too white for decades to come, the leader of Britain’s police chiefs has said…

There’s a lot to unpack here.

Thornton is the chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council and will retire next month after 33 years of ‘service’.

She rose to the top having been part of the Metropolitan team during the Macpherson inquiry, a watershed moment for policing in the UK which still shapes their public policy and debate today.

She was and remains a proponent of diversification for the Metropolitan police, saying “positive discrimination” laws are necessary.

She was also one of the senior officials that, during the Oxford rape gang scandal, refused to resign over a catalogue of failings and missed opportunities which left a sex trafficking gang in Oxford free to rape young girls for many years.

Isn’t it funny how in most of these ‘grooming gang’ more like ‘child rape gang’ cases, the reason for the lack of persecution of the creatures responsible for these heinous crimes… was fear of being seen as racist.

“The senior officer was chief constable of Thames Valley police when the force failed to help up to 373 children, mostly female, who were groomed, given vast quantities of drugs and alcohol and sexually abused in Oxford.” – The Independent

She has also been described as David Cameron’s “favourite police officer”
which calls into question Ms Thornton’s independence from government.

With such a track record, this ‘officer’ has the gall to demand the racist changing of the racial make-up of the Metropolitan police… clown world.

“Shock to the system needed to increase diversity among officers” – Sara Thornton

“Racism is bad”. Unless we want to change something for political reasons, then it’s “positive discrimination”.

People like this should not be given positions of authority.

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