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Paris: 4 policemen killed in brutal terrorist attack

A deadly stabbing spree occurred today around 1 pm in Paris Police Headquarters. The suspect is a 45 years old policeman named Mickael Harpon and a recent convert to Islam, who had more than 20 years of experience in law enforcement as a computer scientist.

The suspected terrorist was shot dead after killing four and injuring one among his coworkers with a ceramic knife. He first carried out the stabbing in his own department by attacking three fellow policemen in two different offices and then went on to stab two policewomen in the staircase before being fatally shot by an armed officer. The wounded policewoman was brought to the hospital in a critical state but is now out of danger. She was stabbed in the hand and neck as her attacker apparently try to cut her throat in an Islamic fashion.

The stabber was shot dead in the courtyard of Paris Police Headquarters.


According to police sources, he had recently been convened by his superior over his refusal to properly greet his female counterparts due to his Islamic beliefs.

The man was born in Fort-de-France, Martinique, a French island located in the Caribbean. He converted to Islam about a year ago. His wife Ilham Eddibes, also a Muslim, is currently being interrogated by the police.

This kind of attack is unprecedented in France, as never before had police officers been assassinated by their own colleague in a police station, in what appears to be an Islamic terrorist attack.

The terrorist’s facebook page displays several videos of Islamic preaching as well as Africanist iconography.


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