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News » Open hatred – Africans take it on twitter to celebrate the ‘downfall of Europe’
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Open hatred – Africans take it on twitter to celebrate the ‘downfall of Europe’

As if 2019 hasn’t had enough crime and terrorism from ethnic minorities imported to Europe over the past 70 years, the wonderful diversity we brought to our continent just keeps on giving, this time on twitter. The controversy sparked when a black man, who deems himself as fighting “homo/trans/islamo/xeno/fato-phobia” tweeted that “Black Europeans are literally the funniest demographic. How they usin the downfall of they countries as a backdrop”, celebrating the creativity of his fellow Africans taking advantage of chaos throughout Europe to take nice pictures of themselves.

This tweet managed to get 56,4 thousand retweets and 421,4 thousand likes as the moment of this writing, proving how popular his statement was towards his peers both in Europe and elsewhere. The open contempt and hatred from these minorities being hosted in European countries does not end here, however. In the replies to this wonderful ‘take’, there are more.

This video portrays a young ‘fellow’ African taking advantage of the chaos, allegedly in Barcelona, Spain as he lights up his ‘joint’ in the midst of the flames of the protest.

Another twitter user posts a video of that same protest in Barcelona as an African woman twerks her way into the chaotic situation, calling it ‘Legendary behaviour’.

The final nail in the coffin, however, must be this picture:

A man of Arab descent poses with Notre Dome in Paris on fire, if this isn’t more symbolic of the current situation of France and the West, nothing else is. “Gotta frame this one” says the fellow African to the Arab. If the wonderful diversity we have imported right now to our countries act like this now that they are still a minority, imagine if we Europeans ever become a minority in our countries.

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