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No Borders and Voting Rights for migrants in European Green New Deal proposal

The newest and most deranged proposals are starting to be unravelled as the European elections approach. In the Green New Deal recently unveiled by the group EU Spring, they propose crazy measures such as the abolishment of borders with every country in the World, voting rights for migrants and inheritance taxes to provide for the minorities they seek to appease

The group European Spring (a coalition of many far left parties across Europe) unravelled the Green New Deal ahead of the coming European elections, much like the Puerto Rican Alexandria Ocasio Cortez did so 2 months ago and their plan it’s as crazy as their American counterparts.

The 40-page document that can be reached here presents itself as ” a shared vision of Europe as a realm of democracy, sustainability, prosperity, and peace” and that it “was formed to restore hope to Europe.” However, further reading the document and the proposals in them, their fancy words resemble much more like wolves in sheep’s clothing speaking sweet, sweet words.

The ‘Green New Deal’ speaks many appealing talking points such as Nature, Climate, Democracy and Worker’s rights however one of the most striking chapters is the one for “Migrants, Refugees, & Newcomers”. In them, you can find many wild and crazy measures such as the abolishment of borders between the European Union and every country on Earth.

And voting rights for migrants or ‘newcomers’!
The nonsense doesn’t stop here, however, with a paragraph as well on ‘Ending Fortress Europe’, claiming that more migrants should be welcomed, not pushed away and that job seekers from outside Europe should have the opportunity to come to Europe, carrying on with our replacement.


And who will pay for all these measures welcoming all these ‘newcomers’, housing them, integrating them, reunificating their families and many other far leftist measures in this bill? You, the reader with much more proposed taxes such as “a carbon tax to curb climate change, a tax on financial transactions, and the introduction of new Eurobonds to finance infrastructure projects across the EU” and of course a tax to the wealth you may one day inherit from your family.

Because, the transfer of economic inequality from one generation to the next must, of course, provide a strong, efficient funding base for the spending in their programme. Hopefully, none of these crazy ideas will be voted into the European Parliament on the next May 26th.

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