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News » “NAZI SCUM!” – Brainwashed far-left mob goes wild and milkshakes Trump supporter in London
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“NAZI SCUM!” – Brainwashed far-left mob goes wild and milkshakes Trump supporter in London

Protests in London during US president Donald J Trump visit to the United Kingdom have turned violent as a Trump supporter is attacked by far-left protestors in the British capital

Video footage has emerged on social media of said protest in London’s Parliament Square of a man who is attacked by a fat blonde woman with short bangs while she, together with the crowd hysterically repeatedly scream ‘Nazi scum, Nazi scum’. NAZI! – The fat blonde woman shouts at the top of her lungs. The crowd is then interrupted by someone who throws a milkshake at the man which hits him on his face. A few of the far left protestors then begin to clap at that disrespectful act and the crowd starts pushing him in all directions while a small female police officer of London’s Metropolitan police is unable to insure order in the situation.

Online Twitter users were quick to react to such disrespectful and violent acts while pointing out the amount of mainstream media brainwashing these people must have gone through in order to do such ridiculous displays of ignorance and virtue signal.

“Vile. Look at the pure anger in the loving lefty blondes eyes as she practices her beliefs of peace, love and harmony to everyone (unless they disagree with her) And they call the right dangerous!”, one Twitter user says.

Another Twitter user says, “A good way to protest against intolerance, They are tolerant of everyone, as long as they agree with them!”, pointing out the group mentality of this brainwashed far left mob who is merely tolerant of their own points of view and not anyone else’s.

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