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News » Nationalists make it back to the Portuguese Parliament in 45 years through CHEGA party

Nationalists make it back to the Portuguese Parliament in 45 years through CHEGA party

It was a tough call but nationalists are back in the Portuguese Parliament after 45 years of rotation between Socialists and Socialist Democrats. CHEGA party, which in Portuguese means ‘enough’ arrived to the Portuguese Parliament by electing one MP. With doubts over André Ventura’s election, the party’s leader and the mainstream media casting Portugal as ‘Far-right’ free, Chega was just enough to cause an upset in the establishment.

CHEGA, as we have presented already at Defend Europa is an anti-establishment, nationalist alternative who made it as the biggest party with no parliament representation these elections. The party was able to elect a single MP through the Lisbon’s circle, the most populous in the country.

Though the party has elected through the Lisbon circle, Portugal’s capital, the district where it was voted the most per capita was in the Portalegre district, coloured in dark blue, where it made it with 2.74%. One possible explanation for their success in the district as also as the South, in general, is the high number gipsies that can be found throughout the district, especially in the municipalities where it was voted the most, Monforte and Elvas. The barely 6-month-old party made it there as the 6th political force already. CHEGA has a very strong stance on security-related issues and welfare dependency, something these communities are known for.

As for Lisbon, where André Ventura was elected, the CHEGA’s leader managed to win the most votes on the outskirts of Lisbon, especially in Sintra and Loures, coloured in dark blue, where it outmatched the biggest and most right wing party at the moment with parliament representation, CDS.
Another possible and likely explanation for this that the mainstream media would never tell you is that the municipalities where he won the most votes are also the ones who have the most ethnic minorities, especially from the African community as well as crime.
As we can see in this graph, African communities, that are called PALOP (País Africano de Língua Oficial Portuguesa or African Country of Official Portuguese Language in English) are overrepresented in incarceration rates and consequently crime. This same voting pattern for this nationalist party can be seen in the southern district of Setúbal where there are also large African communities.

That being said, as the current Socialist Prime minister has promised already even more migration for the country and with many corruption scandals embroiled in the party, CHEGA has everything to grow in the next 4 years.

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